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Operation Care Package: Mini Drawstring Bags

November 15, 2011

    Mini bags 1a.jpg  The Christmas season is beginning. Help bring the holidays to our troops with these cute mini drawstring bags( approximately 4'' wide x 7'' tall). I spent part of my weekend experimenting with different ways to make bags. My goal is twenty-five bags. I had company but I still managed to do 10 and can easily finish the rest this week. I am also making some that are non holiday related. For your bags to be used for Christmas, they need to arrive by November 25, 2011. Do not let this deter you if you can't meet this date. Any bags will be used during the year and next Christmas. 

Shipping address:

Operation Care Package

611 Wilcox Street

Joliet, Il 60435




Leftover scraps of fabric (You will need a piece 9 1/4'' x 10 1/4'')

Matching thread

Ribbon, cording, twill tape (search your scrap trims)- 20 inch piece for each bag

Rotary Cutter

Rotary Mat

Clear Ruler

Sewing Machine



This project goes very fast with assembly line sewing:

Sort your fabrics by color.

Wind several bobbins with appropriate color


1. Turm in 1/8'' to the wrong side on the long sides of the bag and stitch. Chain stitch all bags of the same color.

Mini Bags 2.jpg2, Turn in 1/8'' to the wrong side on the bottom of the bag and stitch. Chain stitch all bags of the same color.

3. Take all of your bags to the ironing board. Fold top of bag down 2 inches and steam press. Unfold and fold down 1 inch to previous 2 inch line. Press and fold over to original pressing line. This will create your casing. Do this for all bags of the same color.

4. Sew 1/4'' from the top fold of the bag

5. Sew 1/4'' from the bottom fold of the casing.

6. Fold bag lengthwise right sides together.

Mini bags 4.jpg7. Stitch 1/4'' from edge beginning just bellow casing. Backstitch at casing point.

8. With right sides together at the bottom. Snip at corner to make a sharp corner. Be careful not to cut through your stitching.

9. Turn bag to right sides.

10. Cut a 20'' piece of ribbon or cord or twill tape. I used a safety pin to thread cord through the casing. I knotted my cord on the end to prevent fraying.

You now have a cute little gift bag. I plan on making a few extra for my own gift giving. 

Note: This is a great stash buster project. If you don't have pieces that will measure 9 1/4'' x 10 1/4'' consider piecing several scraps together until you reach the right measurements.


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Thanks for this pattern as well. I was able to sew 35 and sent in time. thank you for the opportunity to help our troops in a little way. Plus I blew out my Christmas scraps!

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