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It's a mad, mad 'Mad Men' world!

November 21, 2011



For the second installment of my From Film to the Closet series, I've got "Mad Men" on the brain. I super love the swell of popularity that retro looks are experiencing. It's crazy fun to walk through the mall and see all the shop windows styled to look like a previous era.

I fell in love with this Kwik Sew pattern quite a while back, but I've never really loved the lower half of it.
I'm hippy, so I like skirts with a little more swing. It didn't occur to me until recently to use the skirt from this Kwik Sew pattern to make a dress with a silhouette more to my liking. Pattern mashup time!
The only real trick here is figuring out where to cut the bodice to attach the skirt. For me, this meant cutting the bodice pieces a little long, and then trimming them once the bodice section was together and fitted to me.
Here are the bodice pieces being cut using the full-length pattern pieces -- I opted for a pink Duchess Satin.

I didn't cut any length off the paper pattern -- I just used the cut end of the fabric as the bottom of my pieces. I also didn't worry about making the bodice pieces all perfectly match, length-wise. I just left enough on each that I felt comfortable that I wouldn't fall short, and then I was careful stitching to match up any notches. The bodice underlap piece on this dress cuts off close to the waistline. Taller gals than me might be able to use it as your waistline marker. I had to clip about 1.5 - 2" off of it.
I made a quick fabric belt out of the same satin I used for the rest of the dress, and tacked it into place along the waistline. If I were to make this dress again,  I think I would incorporate the belt along the waist seam.

I think this is such a fun dress! I can so easily see an entire "Mad Men" style wedding party, or just a fun retro-themed soiree. Who wants to host?



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