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Gumdrop Outdoor Pillows

November 16, 2011

outdoor gumdrop1

Fall is a great time to work on your outdoor space and the big trend is bringing the inside out or creating an outdoor living room. This is a great idea and can include such comfy articles as a sofa, lounge chairs and coffee tables in your yard. But don't overlook the other great living room staple: floor cushions. These are great inside for chilling while watching a movie, extra seating at a party and a handy foot stool. Floor cushions can be just as purposeful outside, especially during the fall. Us e them as extra seating around the firepit (they give a great vantage point for roasting hotdogs), seats for young children and foot stools while watching the soccer game Saturday morning. I chose Amy Butler's Gumdrop Pillows because they fit all my criteria: 1) super comfy 2) really, really, super good looking 3) just the right height to play multiple roles.

outdoor gumdrop2

I made the 18 in. Gumdrop from outdoor fabric and it turned out really well. I did not use interfacing on the top medallion, I just cut 2 from the fabric and followed the instructions since the fabric was thick enough to stable in itself. Had the fabric been thinner (like quilting cotton) I would have used the interfacing.

outdoor gumdrop3

Now remember, these pillows are big so they take a lot of stuffing. I used 2.5 big bags for the 18 in.  (smaller) pillow. I think the 24 in. would probably take 3-4 bags. You want them to be really firm, so punch down often. Also, heed my warning from previous experience with outdoor fabric and pressing: use a low setting since high heat can distort the fabric. Also, plan to spray these cushions with either tent spray (waterproofing) or scotch guard since they will be on the ground and depending on your family habits- bounced on, jumped onto from great distances, dragged or kicked like a ball. That said, these are a great investment for your outdoor space since they take little fabric, little time to cut or sew and brings a warmth and comfort that wicker or cedar just can't compete with. 

P.S. These make great seating for holiday parties and family gatherings!

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