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Figure 8 Lamp Shade Makeover!

November 10, 2011


Need to spruce up some lamp shades??? Here's a great way to reinvent an old lamp. I took three complementary fabrics and cut them into strips, and thoughtfully figure-8 wrapped them around a lamp shade frame. Here's how:


-Old boring lamp shade. Cut the 'shade' part  off to reveal just a frame.

-Two 2 1/4'' wide strips, each different fabrics

-One 1'' wide strip

I used  yellow and grey quilting cottons and the black/ivory fabric is a lightweight cotton duck home decor fabric. I did make it a point to use natural fibers. Depending on what kind of light bulb you have, you don't want your fabrics melting!

The strips will vary in length depending on what size your lamp shade is. The lamp I used measures 9'' in diameter and 8'' tall. My strips needed to be 7 1/3 yards long. The 1'' wide strip is 8 yards long because these skinny, top strips will be tied off at the end to secure the fabric.

There is no magic formula to figuring how long the strips should be because lamp shade sizes vary and the width of the strips contribute to the measurement also. Your best bet is to double and triple check with a tape measure, or a piece of yarn or long ribbon- just be sure you space out your measuring medium to mimic how the strips will wind around the frame.

Step 1: Sew the individual strips together to create the length needed, and then finish the edges of the 1'' strip only with a serger. If you don't have a serger, you can leave the rough edges, pink the edges, or zig zag stitch.

Step 2: Top Stitch the 1'' grey strip on top of the 2 ΒΌ'' wide yellow strip, I stitched straight down the middle.

Step 3:  Join the black strip and the yellow/grey strip by serging the edges.

Now you should have one big long reversible strip of fabric, with extended 1'' strips at the ends.

Roll it up! It is way easier to deal with 7 yards+ of strip fabric when it's rolled up.


As shown in the picture, start with one end over the lamp frame. Loop it around and begin intertwining the strip in a Figure 8 motion around the frame of the lamp.


When you've reached the end, twist your last bit of strip so it mimics the rest of the figure 8 design and fold over the top frame.  Loop the bottom tie strip around the bottom of the frame, cover it with fabric already there and join with the other tie strip on the inside. 


Tie a knot or a little bow and tuck it in the inside of the fabric strip lamp shade. And voila! New and improved lamp shade. And it can be easily removed for washing, or replacing!

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What a fantastic idea. So cute and easy and inexpensive! I'm redoing some of my upstairs rooms and this project is perfect!

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