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Eyelets outside the box

November 7, 2011

Eyelets are not just for lace and doilies anymore; they can be incorporated into projects and patterns for many reasons, decorative among them.

Give me a good yarn over any day and I am a happy camper. I love just a touch of decoration to turn any old increase, dart or ruffle into something extra. I try to add in eyelets whenever possible to any project that looks a little boring.

Increases: I recently made Carol Feller's Cardigan Bay Jacket which uses eyelets as increases for the raglan sleeves and to help the jacket fit over the hips. These little eyelets really made the jacket more appealing to me (and I am not a big sweater knitter). The eyelet increases were the cherry on top and I had to make it. You can substitute a yarn over in for any increase to bring in a delicate feeling.

Buttonholes: Not every button hole has to be a production of turnings and binding off. You can just do a simple eyelet (a yarn over or double yarn over) to make a quick and easy buttonhole. Test it first to determine which size button you will need. It is a quick, easy and smooth way to finish off a sweater, scarf or bag.

Ruffles: I love tossing in some eyelets into my ruffles, not just at the initial increase for the ruffle but also into the ruffle itself to make it more feminine and a little unexpected. The eyelets give an extra swing and lightness to the ruffles as well as adding a peek-a-boo effect to whatever lies behind the ruffle.

Ribbons: a row of eyelets can be added to a project for weaving in a ribbon after. It can add color, texture and maybe even a bow. You can add a ribbon row of eyelets to a hat, scarf (across the width or length), sweater (add it right at the waist for a ribbon belt) or socks for further femininity.

Outline: Adding eyelets to outline a feature can really make that feature stand out even more. Try including an eyelet row on either side of a cable or just use the eyelets to stand in for the shape of a leaf, bear, or heart. An eyelet row before every color change is a simple way to make regular stripes amazing. (The above picture the eyelets create and highlight the swirl pattern)

The possibilities for eyelets are endless. You can add in a here and there or combine them with a standard stitch or use them to take a fabulous stitch pattern to the next level. Using eyelets is a great way to take any pattern and make it your own.


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