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Vintage Inspired Cable Scarf

October 26, 2011

braided scarf
I first saw this pattern as a necklace and wanted to make it in the worst way. However, I never did get around to it so when I decided some "different" scarf patterns were needed to spice up our holiday season, I rediscovered this pattern and thought that worked up in a chunky yarn the necklace would make a great scarf. And boy does it. Worn in the photos it makes a very stylish cowl but you can also tuck the end through the crocheted loop and cinch it up to make a very warm, very soft and cozy scarf. The pattern is a easy, relaxing knit and with the chunky yarn it is super fast. From 2 skeins I was able to work a total of 10 repeats (for 11 eyelets). I did not block my piece because when I did a dry run pre-blocking it looked perfect, so why fix it. I crocheted slip stitched the ends together and then worked up a crochet button for wearing the scarf as a cowl. I also chained 7 to make the loop at the end. I think that with a little extra yarn, this would make a funky belt for a tunic.

Follow the pattern except for the 16 repeats, you can only fit 10 with 2 skeins. 
braided scarf2
Let me warn you that this yarn is super yummy, so soft and addicting. You will want to make 17 of these to finish off your gift list and for yourself. This vintage inspired modified scarf pattern is best with a good movie and a tall mug of hot cocoa!

For you eagle eyes: as you can see the Lollipop Skirt is still very popular! 

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