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The Fabric Maverick says: Put some snap in your Halloween!

October 3, 2011

I always love the rituals of Halloween- colors, costumes, food, etc. But what about sounds! From moaning, growling, screaming and more , the sounds of Halloween are the frosting on the cake. So I decided to adapt the popular Christmas cracker to a Halloween cracker to put my own spin on Halloween. This is absolutely a no-sew project. For those not familiar with crackers, let me explain. These are very popular in England.  The cracker is composed of a small cardboard tube that is traditionally wrapped in paper and tied at both ends. The tubes are filled with candy, small presents, jokes or whatever will fit in the tubes.  Also in the tube, there is a thin paper piece which when it is pulled creates a snap sound. What can be more appropriate for Halloween! Of course, I used some great fabric from some of our Halloween collections.


Fabric ( 8 1/2'' x 10'') In retrospect, I would use 8 1/2'' x 12''.

Double-sided tape, 1/2'' or hot glue and hot glue gun

Cracker supplies ( snaps, small cardboard tubes and cracker rollers)

Baby rick rack

Candy, spells, jokes, small rubber animals

Foam stickers (Halloween motifs)


  1. Insert cracker rollers into the cardbord tubes.
  2. Attach fabric (long side) to the cardboard tube with either a thin bead of hot glue or double-sided tape.
  3. Attach the ''snap'' to either the inside of the tube or on the fabric outside the tube.
  4. Finish wrapping the fabric around the tube. Use double stick tape or hot glue to attach to the cardboard tube.
  5. Pull one of cardboard rollers out slightly from the cardboard tube and tie with rick rack (approxmately 10 inches). Fill other end with candy, stickers or whatever the person you-re giving this to likes. I personally plan on putting a few spells in my crackers.
  6. Pull remaining cardboard roller from cardboard tube after filling with candy and tie with rick rack.

There is a great video on YouTube on '' How To Make A Christmas Cracker''.  

These also make a great place cards/party favors at a Halloween party.


Thumbnail image for Halloween Crackers.JPGYou can also make a snapless version by using toilet tissue rolls or paper towel roles.


Fabric- Fabric. Com

Cracker Supplies: Olde English Crackers 

Stickers: JoAnn's

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