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Superdon's Fabric Wreaths

October 24, 2011

Autumn and the Holidays. I've been seeing lots of wreaths in the stores, but nothing has caught my eye. I thought back to decorations that my mother used at the house or the office and remembered a fabric wreath that she used to make. After a quick call to mom, I was ready to make my own creation.

You will need fabric, a Phillips head screwdriver, a straw wreath (8 inch, 12 inch), a cutting mat and pinking sheers/rotary cutter. You will also need ribbon to tie a loop around the wreath to hang on the wall.

Thumbnail image for Wreath - fabric choice.jpgWreath - 8-inch.jpg

I began by cutting 4-inch by 4-inch squares with my pinking rotary cutter. It's the first time that I have cut fabric this way. For the 12 inch wreath, it took 350 squares and for the 8-inch wreath it took 220 squares. I wanted the wreath to look full. Since this was my first time, it actually took me six hours to cut the squares. After another consultation with Mom, it turns out not every square has to look perfect. With the next two set of squares, I was able to reduce my time significantly. I wished I had a 4-inch pinking block for my Big Shot machine!

Before starting, I added a second layer of plastic wrap to the wreath. This helped hold the fabric in place. I just used ordinary cling wrap from the kitchen. I took my Phillips head screwdriver and pressed the fabric into the straw wreath. This took a little strength in my hand to push it in. I used no glue or hot glue - the fabric will stay in unless you pull it out. I'd advise a Phillips head screwdriver to prevent a tear in the fabric. Anything sharper will cause a rip.

Wreath - closeup.jpg


Wreath - halfway done.JPG

I wanted variety so I didn't use any particular pattern in my wreath. I was worried as I was putting it together, but by the end was pleased with the results.

Wreath - fall finished.jpg


Wreath - brown finished.jpg Wreath - pink finished.jpg

Safety first! Pinking rotary blades are extremely sharp! I learned this the hard way - make sure you cut away from your body.

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Remember making these wreaths with my kids twenty years ago. They werre really cool

I really like these wreaths, think this will be one of my future projects. Thanks for the idea.

I've made something similar with paper pieces, but we used these cool W shaped pins that would have points at the top of the W, and would hold -- I'd imagine fabric -- very well.

These wreaths look GORGEOUS!!!

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