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Knitted Spider Web

October 21, 2011

I often try to see new ideas when I am knitting up a project. My mind churns through, almost like a program running in the background. I am focused on the project but sometimes a stitch or a new technique will trigger an idea. Just such a thing happened a few weeks ago when I was scanning a knitting magazine, reading an article on lace. I must have had Halloween in the front of my mind because after I had read 2 sentances the light bulb went off: Knitted Spider Web. Of course, it goes hand in hand with halloween and can easily be pulled off. Making one is simple and can be made to any size. Here's how to make your own knitted spider web.


1 skein of worsted weight cotton, cotton blend or acrylic yarn in any Halloween color (Shown in Lion Brand Cotton Ease)

US size 15, 24 in. cable needle (or longer if you are making a bigger web)

Cast on 8 sts

Row 1: *k1, yo; repeat to last end

Row 2: *k2tog, yo; repeat to end

Row 3: *yo (twice), k2tog; repeat to end

Row 4: *k1 into first yo, drop second yo, yo; repeat to end

Repeat Row 3 & 4 until your web is big enough for your spooky plans. Bind off very loosely. If you used a cotton or cotton blend yarn, you can block your web bigger. However, acylic yarn will hold up outside much better than cotton and hold it's color- the choice is yours.

Add this crocheted spider by Sandsteel Designs

Or this knitted spider by Dawn Riden

Either one dangling from this knitted spider web is sure to creep out your dearest friends and help your kids really scare the neighborhood!

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