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Knit Ruffle Scarf

October 28, 2011

knit ruffle 1

knit ruffle 2

I am loving all the new ruffle scarves out in the market this season. They are so fun and a great way to bring sophistication and style to a casual outfit, add color to your jacket or take an outfit from work to play.

A great way to create your own unique ruffle scarf is to use pieces from an existing pattern that features ruffles. You can modify the pieces without having to draft something from scratch. I used the flounce pieces from Kwik Sew Ruffled Collar Wrap Shirt. Though this pattern is designed for woven, I cut my scarf pieces from knit fabric for a warmer, softer feel. I wanted a really flouncy, bouncy, twisty scarf. The rest is complete pie (or cake whichever you prefer). After cutting 6 flounce pieces together, I stitched each piece together (right sides facing) with a ½ in. seam. Once done, I had 3 separate long ruffle pieces, I matched them up at the seam, layering one on top of the other, all with right sides facing up so all the seams, but the bottom, would be unseen. Then I sewed all pieces together right over the seam line. The next step is optional but makes it easier to keep your scarf from looking too crazy but does reduce the twisty ruffle effect just a bit. Line up and pin all 3 ruffles together on the inside edge and stitch down from center seam 10 in. on both sides along the inside edge. This will keep the ruffle pieces together better but will still leave the ends separate to be tied, dangled or twisted.

knit ruffle 3

knit ruffle 4

This is the perfect all-purpose scarf that you can wrap, tie, twist or tuck in to keep you warm or stylish as needed. It is fast and easy so you can make one or a few for friends and family. You can adjust the size by adding length to the flounce or adding ruffle pieces to bulk up your scarf or use a sweater knit or fleece for colder climates.    

knit ruffle 5

An assembly diagram as requested:

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Excellent design.....Really i love your designs.....can you tell where i wanna to buy these designs.............

Tara, Thanks for the diagram. It helps a lot. I was just about to e-mail requesting one. I still have a couple of questions, though: So you have one long edge that is straight? What do you do about hemming the edges? I'm a quilter and have never sewn with knits. Is there anything special I need to know other than using a ballpoint needle?

I really love this scarf and hope to make a few. I know my daughters will love them. Thanks, Sherry

Love these. I will be making. Lots of them! how wide are the cut ruffle pieces?


Hi, tara - Please tell me how you finished the edges. I have not worked with knits and have a serger, but don't know how to us it. Anyone have any ideas on this? I really want to make a couple of these! Sherry

Hi Sherry, I left the edges unfinished. That is the beauty of knits; they don't unravel. You can opt to serge or zig zag the ends but I prefer the unfinished look myself.

Thanks, Tara, I had no idea that knits didn't unravel. I'll definitely be trying this soon! Sherry

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