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Coasters from CDs- Oh My!

October 19, 2011

On a tight budget this year but still want to remember your friends and coworkers? Looking for a way to get rid of some of your stash and create a gift that someone can use? Here is a coaster that is sure to please. Personalize it by selecting fabric to match the person. Coasters are always nice. You can use them as hostess presents, a thank you gift and something special to give a coworker to let them know you appreciate their efforts on your behalf. I did some research and found something I thought was pretty nifty- coasters made from old CDs. How many of us collect CDs that have outlived their time and yet we still hang onto them? I know I do. I found old game CDs from when my daughter was 8. I also found some fabric with printed circuit boards on it. The perfect fabric for my friends in the IT department. One always needs help from the IT department.


coaster_supplies_sm.jpgSupplies for a CD coaster (one coaster)

1-old CD

2-6 inch fabric squares

2-6-inch batting squares

Fabric for binding (about 21.5'' per coaster) 




Sewing machine



1. Using your CD as a pattern mark it on the batting and the back of the fabric squares. Add 1/4'' to the circle and cut out the circles.

2, Insert the CD between the two batting circles and pin on each side.

3. Stitch slowy around the CD being careful not to pierce the CD which would probably break your needle. The reason I am using batting is so that the CD will not show through my quilting weight cotton fabric.

4. Place CD packet between the two fabric circles wrong sides together, Pin on all sides.

5. Sew slowing around the circle. Trim excess fabric leaving enough to attach binding.

6. Prepare bias binding- I cut two inch diagonal strips. I sewed them together- folded them in half and pressed. I then opened them out and pressed raw edges towards the center pressing line. This will give you a 1 inch bias tape.

7. Pin binding to coaster. Slow very slowly around the CD edge to make sure that you have the front and back edges caught in the stitching line. This is really not very difficult if you go slowly.

8. As you approach the beginning of the binding, cut and turn raw edges under and slide under the beginning binding. Stitch together. I think this is the hardest part of attaching binding. There are several tutorials to practice this technique. Click here for Sew4Home tutorial on binding


 Voila! You are done.

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