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A Circular Tablecloth for Christmas

October 27, 2011

Circular tablecloth 5.JPGChristmas is the holiday for letting all the stops out! Clean the house until it shines! Decorate the fireplace mantel with greenery and candles. Gaily wrapped packages adorn the Christmas tree! Get out the silver and the best plates. This year I have made a circular tablecloth as a foundation for my Christmas culinary creations.



Christmas fabric ( cotton or home dec)

Chalk marker




Sewing Machine

(Flannel if you are using cotton) (optional)


Now comes the math part:

Measure your table. My table measures 42'' across with a 29'' drop. (Diameter of table+ 2x length of table to floor)

So I need 42''+ 29''+29''= 100'' + 1'' for hem. 101''/36''(number of inches in a yard)= 2.80 yards is the length of one panel. My fabric width is 45''. Divide 101'' by 45'' for the number of panels you will need. You must round up to a whole number. 101'' divided by 45''=2.24 or 3 panels. The total yardage needed if using 45'' fabric is 2.80 yards x 3=8.4 yards. If you are using 54''fabric, you will need 2.80 yards x 2 panels= app. 5 3/4 yards. If you using 108'' wide fabric, you will need one panel= approximately 3 yards.

Since I am using quilting weight cotton, I am using flannel to line my tablecloth. This will add a little weight to my tablecloth and makes the tablecloth hug the table. I am using 108'' flannel so I do not need to sew any seams.

It is obvious that 108'' fabric is the most economical choice if you find a design you liked, followed by the 54'' and the last is 45''. I had my heart set on using Moda's Countdown to Christmas collection.

Instructions for 45'' wide fabric:

1. Prewash your fabric and press.

2. Cut fabric into 3 panels 101'' long.

3. Sew all panel together lengthwise.

4. Press seams to the side.

5. Fold fabric in half. Fold fabric in half again (will look like a large wedge of pie)

6. Tie a string the half the length of your panel (50.5'') around your preferred marking tool. Be careful to not stretch the string.

Circular tablecoth 1.jpg7. Now the hard part. From the corner of the fold, mark a semi circle. Because your fabric piece is relatively large, you will probably need to cut it on the floor. I was able to place it on a bed. Being very careful cut the chalk line. You do not want to cut your carpet or bedding.

8. Follow steps 5 through 7 if you are using a flannel lining. I cut a half inch inside the cutting line

9. Pin the right side of the fabric to the flannel being careful to ease in any fullness. Sew, leaving a 4 inch opening for turning.

10. Turn and press. Because I cut the flannel shorter than the cotton, it will create a hem when turned.

11. If you choose not to use a lining, fold hem under 1/4''. Press and turn again. Sew hem. You may also finish with bias binding, braid or other favorite method.

Get ready to set a beautiful table! Circular tablecloth 4.JPG

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