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Knitting- Three Needle Bind Off

September 28, 2011

Having a slew of bind offs under your wing is very handy as you branch out and become a more advanced knitter. Some bind offs can be tricky while worth the extra effort and some only look tricky and are even more worth the effort. This bind off is the later not the former. The Three Needle Bind Off binds off two edges while stitching them together. So not only does it save time but it also abolishes the needle to sew up your seams later (a time honored hated task by knitters the world over). Here's how you do it.

1)      Turn your work to the wrong side. Three Needle Bind Off (TNB) creates a visible seam on one side, so turn your work to the side where you want to place the seam.

2)      With your 2 working needles holding all your stitches in your left hand, use a third, binding needle in your right.

3)      With the binding needle, knit the first stitch from each working needle together and slip to the right binding needle.

4)      Repeat so you will have 2 stitches on your right binding needle

5)      Slip the first stitch on your right binding needle over the second and off the needle (just like regular binding off).

6)      Repeat Steps 3 & 5 until all stitches save one are bound off. Cut your yarn leaving a 6-8 in. tail and pull it through your last stitch and pull tight. Weave it in and turn your work. You know have a perfect seam to finish off pillows, socks, toys and this bind off works great for joining 2 pieces such as a scarf or sweaters. 

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