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Child's Halloween Costume Part3: Shoe Covers

September 16, 2011

halloween shoe cover1

halloween shoe cover2

I remember when I was a wee thing planning my Halloween costume down to the last detail every year, except the shoes. I always forgot about my shoes till it was time for the big show. A little bit of disappointment was always there because those white sneakers just didn't work with my Punk Rocker outfit, or I just couldn't talk my mom into buying Pirate boots because my Mary Janes just didn't instill fear in the hearts of "land lubbers" everywhere. So this year I decided I could not have my little one ruining her Lion Costume with her Dora sneakers or Crocs. So I constructed a cute little tutorial to make matching shoes covers that can be easily embellished to match any costume with any fabric (just be sure to make a muslin of the cover if you are using a non-stretch fabric).

halloween shoe cover3

halloween shoe cover4

For each size covers you are making, I recommend using the biggest shoes in that size as your guide. Remember you can make the covers smaller if they are too big but not bigger if they are too small. You can add appliqu├ęs, bedazzle or paint these covers to blend in with any costume. Any fabric can be used but I recommend a fleece because it doesn't fray should you bypass hemming, it is warm and soft, it is easy to work with and stretches to fit different shoes. You can add other materials on top of the fleece if needed but fleece is a good base.

halloween shoe cover5

halloween shoe cover6

My little one loves her covers but we had some model/photographer difficulties during this photo shoot. Let's call it creative difficulties for the non-parents out there and for those with little ones of your own, I will say she is 2 and you will know what I mean.  For the fastest way to get the covers on, slip them onto your child's foot, slide them up the leg with elastic in back, put on the shoe and then slide the cover into place tucking the elastic under the shoe. Please share your shoe cover photos on our facebook page!

Download your tutorial here

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I have made shoe covers for most costumes (3 blind mice, three little pigs, three bears, etc) Perhaps my favorite was to use black vinyl and make them taller with cuffs sewed on top for black boots. Will try to find a pic that shows them. That Halloween my triplet grand kids were the three musketeers/

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