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Superdon's Fabric Plates

August 23, 2011

Wonder what to bring someone when attending a housewarming party or visiting for dinner? Digging through lots of dinnerware to find something that you don't mind if it is not returned? Solve that problem by making a fabric plate or bowl.

For this project you will need decoupage material (I used modge podge), fabric, clear glass plates, a sponge brush and scissors. 

Thumbnail image for Plate_supplies.jpg Fabric Plates:
I advise using a clear plate. This allows the fabric to show through the plate for everyone to see what fabric you utilized and design that you made. Start by cutting the fabric. For my eight inch plates, I used about an 1/8 yard of fabric. I cut the fabric into squares (or circles through a die-cut machine that my mom owns). 

Plates_circles.jpg Cover the plate with decoupage. Put down a strip of fabric and then decoupage on top of that. Continue process until your plate is complete. You should have overhang. When your plate dries about 24 hours later, you will cut off those pieces with an old pair of scissors (do not use your fancy cutting scissors since the fabric will have decoupage glue on it).


Plates_finale.jpg I did some patterns on the plate - watermelon on one, jack-o-lantern on another for Halloween. I also took a piece of panel and used decoupage to showcase a kid dressed up for Halloween. This is a simple craft project and could be used for kids as well (Christmas plates, handprint on fabric and then decoupaged to plate for grandparents). 


You cannot wash this! It must be wiped clean. If you put this in the dishwasher, not only will the plate be ruined but you might also be purchasing a new dishwasher which means less money for fabric and other crafty supplies.

Decoupage sticks to everything! Be careful not to decoupage on the rug or directly on your table. Even after 24 hours, the plates are sticking  together. I will probably end up paint on top of the fabric to create a less sticky finish.

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I have also done this technique. However, I use one piece of fabric that I fussy cut. Usually fabric designed by Kaffe Fassett, my favorite designer. They are awesome. I use them for art wall.

I love this idea, going to try it for christmas. thanks

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