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Spooky Lampshade Makeover

August 24, 2011

Lamp_350.jpgYou can cover almost any lampshade temporarily with fabric to decorate for the holidays, or give the lamp a new look. It's almost like a shower cap for your lamp shade. I used a print from the Eerie Alley collection from Kaufman. You will need a length of fabric ( see instructions below), thread, two safety pins and 1/2'' elastic. Here are the basic instructions:

·         Draft a pattern - Measure the length of the shade from top to bottom. Add 4'' for casings. Measure the circumference of the shade at the widest point. Multiply that by 1.5. That will give you half again fullness on the shade cover.

·         Cut your fabric and elastic - Cut a rectangle of fabric by the measurements you just drafted. For the elastic, measure the top of the lampshade and add 1''. Do the same to the bottom of the lampshade. Cut the elastic for the top of the shade and another piece for the bottom of the shade using the measurements you just took.

·          Time to sew - With right sides together sew a seam along the side of the fabric that is the length of the shade. Press open the seam and press up ¾'' around the top and bottom of the shade fabric for casings for the elastic. Stitch the casings in place leaving a 1'' opening to feed the elastic through.

·         Time to finish - Attach a safety pin to each end of the top elastic and feed it through the casing at the top of the shade cover. Stitch the elastic together. Feed the elastic for the bottom of the shade in the same manner and stitch the elastic together. Sew the casings closed, top and bottom. Put the shade cover over the shade and adjust the gathers evenly around the shade.

In case you are wondering, the lamp base and shade under the shade cover are from Ikea. Happy decorating!

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