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New HotPatterns Fringe Festival Knit Top - One Pattern, a Million Possibilities

August 15, 2011


I am always on the quest for versatile patterns that I can use over and over. A good tee shirt pattern is like gold. It's shockingly difficult to find one with just the right shape and drape that also goes together quickly. Good news: The Hot Patterns Fringe Festival Knit Top is one of those!

First, I wanted to make the pattern as-is without tweaking any of the details.  I used this Lightweight Starlet Jersey Knit because it has a nice fluid drape and is perfect for a late summer transitional garment. It'll carry me right into fall because it will make a great base layer that has virtually no bulk.

Cutting this pattern is a breeze. It's just three pieces, none on the fold -- easy peasy. Seven seams and you're done (plus hemming/finishing). My kind of pattern! The scarf piece is left unfinished on the edges, which is great for keeping bulk to a minimum and maintaining drape. I opted not to cut the fringe on the edges of the scarf.

The contouring through the body of this shirt is very figure-flattering and feminine, not the least bit boxy. Exactly what you want in a tee!

With the first shirt under my belt, I was ready to experiment with the pattern. It's no secret that pink is my favorite color, so selecting a pink knit was a no brainer. Since fabric flowers continue to be popular, I decided to try turning the scarf into a floral trim. I assembled the shirt just like normal, but then I cut the scarf pieces lengthwise, and played with twisting them into loose rosette shapes. As I worked, I pinned the flowers into place with safety pins. Once I settled on placement, I hand stitched the flowers down, and voila! All done.

Now that I have made this shirt twice, I can't stop thinking of other possibilities for this pattern. I want to elongate it into a tunic and make it out of a performance knit so I will have a new running dress to wear over leggings. I want to make it without the scarf in a rainbow of colors so I have a well-fitted tee for any outfit. I want to play with color blocking by making it with two colors (or maybe four). The pattern is so quick, even if I make a woeful design blunder, I won't have lost days and days of time stitching it.

The other great thing about this pattern is that you only need about a yard of fabric for it. I am seriously considering splurging on one of the yummy and butter-soft Liberty of London knits for my next version.

It's like a blank canvas to play with -- and I do love to play! Is your creativity flowing? What will you make with this versatile little number?

pink fringe.jpgjersey ITY knit fringe.jpg

peach fringe.jpg

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This pattern doesn't seem to be for sale anywhere. Suggestions on finding one, please?

torilynn, it's a FREE download (check the fabric.com home page).

I love this rosette variatin, sweet! And the running tunic is a fabulous idea. I didn't know Fabric.com carried performance knits, I'm all over that now, thanks!

Thanks for the pattern. Steps 3 and 4 have me baffled though. The instructions and the image in step 3 lead me to think that I'm supposed to sew the tie all the way across the back of the top. I'm pretty sure that's not correct.

It's also really unclear if it's right sides together, wrong sides together, etc.

Is the following correct:
1. Sew the scarf to the neck opening of the top. Matching up the center back of the scarf to the center back of the top.
2. Right side of scarf to wrong side of top, then when you flip turn the top right side out the right side of the scarf would flip over and be showing?


I am having the same issue with the scarf. Can anyone post better instructions? Thanks so much.

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