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Dorm Room Makeover: Making a Shower Curtain 101 (Part 1)

August 10, 2011

Your child is off to college! Of course, your child wants to have a fashionable unique room that will stand out from the crowd. She will be the cool kid on this dorm floor. We chose to use fabrics from Valeri Wells Wrenly collection. Kristl's duvet cover is a stand out and Tara has made a cool rug. Now I am going to show you how to make a basic shower curtain.


All purpose thread

Sewing machine


Rotary cutter and mat


Seam gauge

54'' wide decorator fabric

Grommets, 1 9/16'' (2 pkgs)

Transparent Ruler (6'' x 24'')

Purchased shower curtain liner



1. Measure the shower opening from where the rod hangs down to bottom. Measure the width of the opening. I always measure twice. This shower measures 68'' W x 72''.

2. Since I am using 54'' wide fabric, I will need to use two panels. My fabric has a repeat so I will need extra fabric to match the repeat. The finished length is 72''. I will need at least 4 1/2'' for the header and 3 1/2'' for the hem. I will need  72'' + 18'' ( to match repeat)=90''. 90 divided by 36''= 2 1/2 yds per panel. 2 ½ x 2= 5 yards.

Shower Curtain 1.JPG3. Cut fabric into 2 panel sections. Remove selvedges. I always cut a little off to have a clean straight edge. Cut one panel section in half lengthwise.


4. Match repeats. You will see that you have fabric offsetting the edges





French Seam(640x480).jpg5. Sew two half panels to each side of the uncut panel, using a ¼'' seam. If your fabric is directional, make sure that your fabric sections are all going in the same direction. You can serge the edges or use a French seam. I like to use a French seam when I want a clean look. To make a French seam, sew wrong sides together using a ¼'' seam. Trim seam. Fold fabric to right sides and stitch enclosing raw edges. Press.



Shower Curtain 5.jpg6. Side hems. Fold over ½'' and press. Fold over again 2.00'' and press in the hem. Stitch close to inside fold. Press.

7. Top header: Fold over ½'' and press. Fold over at least 4''. Stitch close to edge. I am going to use grommets and you will need at least a 4'' header.

8. Bottom hem: Fold over ½'' and press. Fold again 3.00'' and press. Stitch close to edge.

9. This can be completed in an afternoon easily if you have no interruptions. Now you are ready to finish the top. There are many ways that you can finish the top. You can add button taps, you can sew 3'' buttonholes and use hangers.   I chose grommets because I wanted to try the product. This is quite a story! See Part 2 on Friday for a final reveal of our shower curtain and how to apply grommets. You may laugh and cry as you read my experience.

Sneak peek: finished product.JPG 


Fabric.com products used: Valori Wells Wrenly Home Decor Twill (EK-820) and Dritz Curtain Grommets (NR-713)


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