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Clover Soft Touch Review

August 19, 2011

Crochet is my new obsession but it has been a rocky road. First I had to overcome holding my yarn with the "wrong" hand (any sane person holds it in the right, I used to tell myself). Now I am comfortable with both hands and no longer feel intimidated and thus my snobbishness towards continental yarn holders has evaporated (sorry about that, I was just jealous). Then it was my tension. I was concentrating so much on holding the yarn in a new hand, only holding one stick and counting stitches that I would grasp the hook as though it were my last salvation. This has also been rectified by practice and learning new techniques that keep me interested and thus, practicing. 

My last huddle in crochet has been the hook itself. I have a slight nickel allergy so my beloved aluminum hooks can only be used for short periods of time before my bones start to ache. I do alternate with acrylic but I prefer the shape of the aluminum hook better and feel it is faster for me when working with my favorite fiber: wool. But now this too has been fixed. The Clover Soft Touch hooks are aluminum with a soft, cushy ergonomic handle that provides a comfy grip with no aluminum exposure. I have been able to crochet for twice as long as previously without the aches and with less muscle fatigue as with the acrylic hooks. I used my Clover Soft Touch hook to whip up my 2 scarf ends for my HotPatterns Fringe Fest Top on Monday. Working during naptime, I was able to get most of one done and start on the second (that is record time for me considering my being new to the game). I was amazed at how much more comfortable it was. It was akin to when I discovered Bamboo Knitting Needles after using the aluminum to begin with. I am putting a whole set on my holiday wish list and can't wait to fill in my hook stash!


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I must agree! When I recently took up my old, faithful art form (after a 20 year hiatus) I found the Boye aluminum hooks that I received as a set when I was young, just didn't cut it any longer. My late middle aged fingers would get tired and the narrow hooks were clumsy. So a couple of friends began bringing me different types of hooks -- acrylic, bamboo and finally a Clover Soft Touch. I fell immediately in love. Since that wonderful day, I have been able to get the entire set (from "B" to "J") one at a time. My only complaint is that the hooks don't come in any larger sizes. Oh well, for bulky projects, I use the Susan Bates bamboo / aluminum combination hooks, as I like the warmth of bamboo.

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