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Wear It Now, Wear it Later - Slinky/Slouchy Vest

July 26, 2011

skirtTop.jpgJoin me in a little mind over matter excerise I'm conducting today. You see, it's really hot just about everywhere these days, and I have been wishing for cooler temperatures for a few weeks now. Maybe if I start thinking about my fall wardrobe, I'll feel just a little cooler. Knowing me, if I make something new, I want to wear it immediately. This leads me to our title, Wear It Now, Wear It Later. I've created the Hot Patterns free download pattern Slinky/Slouchy Vest into something that I think will transcend three seasons.

First of all, let's talk about the free pattern download concept. It's a pattern and it doesn't cost any money to buy, but it will cost you some time. This is the first downloaded pattern that I have ever done despite all the cute free downloads I've been tempted with from Hot Patterns. I am pleased to say that not only would I make this vest again; I would do another downloaded pattern again. Here are a couple of tips to make pattern downloads a little less daunting.

  • Work on the floor. You'll have all the room you need to spread out all the pieces of 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper that make up the free pattern and tape them togather.
  • Read the fine print. Hot Patterns not only numbers the pattern pieces, but also tells you what row and column the page order is in at the bottom of each page.
  • Have plenty of tape and plenty of time. Don't rush your piecing, and use as much tape as you need to keep all the pages together.
  • Draw off your size on to interfacing. Don't cut your pieces out from the paper pattern you just pieced together. Draw off your size on to lightweight, inexpensive interfacing. You may need to draw off a different size after you make the first muslin.
  • Read the directions before you start. This is usually my last resort. I like pictures better, but the pattern instructions have some great information that will help you sail through easily if you just read a little first. I was glad I did.
  • Make a muslin. In other words, test the pattern out in a fabric similar to the one you want to make your final garment from. You may have to make fitting adjustments, or you may have to go up or down a size. Once it fits the way you want it to, make the real thing from the fabulous fabric you chose.

Let's talk about the Slinky, Slouchy Vest. I absolutely love the way Hot Patterns applied the casing for the waist. I jeansClutch.jpgwon't try to describe it, but it's simple and clean. Download the pattern to see what I mean. I made mine from non-slinky gauze that has a little lurex thread running through it (black has sold out). So it slouches more than it slinks, which I prefer. I was afraid it would be puffy looking, but it behaved well when I tried it on. The tie closure is two pieces of knotted satin cord.  I also took the raw edge finish route instead of hemming everything. There are directions in the download for raw edge finishes and French seams. Depending on what you make the vest out of, it can be a great layering piece, or the focal point of your outfit.

jacket.jpgTake a look at our hot weather and cool weather options for the same gauze vest. If you've made this one yourself, post a picture on Facebook so we can see different versions of this great free pattern download. Happy sewing and stay cool!

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