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Superdon's Flower Pens and Masking Tape Vase

July 26, 2011

Looking for a way to keep your pens from wandering off your desk? I have the perfect project for you! You can make your own flower pens and decorate an ordinary glass vase. This is a project that will take you a couple of hours if you have all the supplies on hand. Perfect to catch up on a couple Harry Potter DVDs.

Glass vase:

You are going to need a roll of plain masking tape, brown shoe polish and a glass vase. Although we don't sell these products at Fabric.com (today), I have these items around my place.

Glass vase_sm.jpg


Shoe polish_sm.jpg

Tear off strips of tape from the roll and start applying to the outside of the vase. Do not place the tape inside of the vase. I tried to have some overlap between pieces of tape - it will give you more of a textured look at the end. I also covered the bottom of my vase with tape for one example and did not cover for another.

tape start_sm.jpg


tape midway_sm.jpg tape bottom_sm.jpg

Once you have covered the vase in tape strips, you are ready to use the shoe polish. Start dabbing on the taped part of the vase. Do not rub against the vase, because you will pull up the tape. All my vases have required two coats of shoe polish to give it a darker look. Some of my other ideas to use this for would be light color fabric and adhere the fabric to the glass or acrylic paint on the vase instead of shoe polish - good luck! 

vase shoe polish_sm.jpg


Flower pens:

You are going to need ball point pens, flowers, floral tape and a hot glue gun. Again, although we don't sell these products at Fabric.com except the hot glue gun, you can pick up at your local store. 

flower bunch_sm.jpg


pens and floral tape_sm.jpg

Trim your flowers down to 2-3 inches of stem. This will be the length that you will use to insert into the pen. Go for a variety of colors and different types of flowers to give your bouquet more character. 


flower short stem_sm.jpg

Take the caps off your pen. You will also need to remove the end of the pen. The BIC ballpoint pens that I use are awesome for this. I take my wire cutters and pop the end right off the pen. Once you have removed the end of the pen, you are ready to wrap the pen with floral tape. I start at the tip of the pen, winding the floral wrap around the pen until I reach the end and then pull to snap off the roll. You could cut the end to match it up perfect, but I like the imperfections at the end.

pens cap off_sm.jpg


pens end off_sm.jpg pens wrapped_sm.jpg

Bust out your handy glue gun. Put hot glue on the stem of the flower before inserting into the end of the pen. Do not put glue in the pen! This will prevent the pen from working once you are done (I think the hot glue blocks the ink). Push the glued stem into the pen and you are done with your flower pen! 


completed pen_sm.jpg

Before you start putting together your finished flowers and vase, do not forget to unplug your glue gun! Craft safety first! Look forward to hearing how things went for you! 

completed project_sm.JPG



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Love crafting with you! Can't wait to see your fabric fun frames!

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