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Lazy Sunday- Headbands!

June 12, 2011

head rack.jpg

Hair accessories and DIY are on trend right now, and what a better way to 'up'cycle old items and use those fabric scraps than pretty headbands! Recently added to our inventory, Fabric.com has a variety of craft accessories to make this happen, such as hair accessory notions, glue gun and a variety of appliqués.

yellow headband.jpg

For this headband, you will need the foam headband and a scrap piece of very lightweight bunched fabric about 8'' wide and about a yard long (for ease, you can trim excess). Luckily, I had some Little Folks Voile scraps I simply can't part with. Secure one end with a glue gun and baste stitch, and just wrap the fabric around, hot gluing dots intermittently throughout the underside of the band to secure your fabric wrapping. At the end, cut off any excess fabric, fold the rough edge under, and hand stitch. You can use any old pins or brooches lying around to stick through the foamy headband!


Sleek and elegant, this is sure to make heads turns! Using this skinny ¼'' headband, take 1 ½' yard of 3/8'' double sided ribbon, secure the end with hot glue, and wrap around the headband tightly. Fold your rough edge and hot hot glue the other end. I chose this glitzy appliqué, cut come craft felt and hot glued the appliqué to my satin wrapped headband.

black headband.jpg

I've got about 10 vintage scarves lying around that I rarely wear. I love the way they look, but they don't ever stay in place on my head because they are so silky and lightweight! Using a 2'' wide headband as a base, you can recreate this effortless look and not have to readjust your headscarf. Find the center (or you can make it off-center) of a scarf and hot glue a strip of craft felt. Then hot glue the scarf to the headband by gluing the felt to the underside of the headband. Wrap the scarf around the headband till a little fabric is left draping over the edge. Knot the ends securing the scarf fabric in place and voila! Easy-peasy.

blue headband.jpg

Got to get out the sewing machine for this one! For a 1/2'' wide flat headband- With right sides under, sew on the bias about a ¾'' - 1'' strip leaving one end open, and flip it right-side out. Turn under the excess fabric and hot glue it closed. I used coordinating fabric to make five 2 ½'' circles, folded them twice, and hot glued the corners to my fabric covered headband. In the center of my fabric embellishing, I simply wrapped small strip around to finish off my "frayed" look. Again, these fabrics are from the Little Folks Voile collection-scraps I just can't throw out in case of moments like these!

headband flat.jpg

These are so easy, inexpensive, and so fun to do! The possibilities are endless!

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