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Hot Patterns All Wrapped Up Tank

June 29, 2011


I cannot seem to say enough good things about Hot Patterns so I won't disappoint with the All Wrapped Up Tank and will keep to my ways. First, I was very surprised with how fast this tank went together. I was expecting something this interested to take much longer than the 4ish hours it took me to assemble the pattern, layout and cut the pattern pieces and stitch it up. It was pretty easy considering it looks so edgy in the picture and other twisty, tied projects I have researched have complicated reviews and challenging patterns. The All Wrapped Up Tank is a nice tank pattern that comes with ties that you wrap around your waist to give it a cinched look (even though the tank is fitted). The ties and wrap give texture and add detail. You can wear this tank many ways, with jeans and sandals for a Fourth of July Picnic, under a fitted, cropped jacket for work wear or after hours, or with my linen version of the equally fun Bossa Nova Skirt for a girls lunch/shopping trip (though why you would be shopping when you can make such cute clothes, I don't know). The only suggestion I would make is that there should be a mark on the front wrap pattern piece to indicate where to pin it to the tank around the neckline so it will be secured under the neck binding. I had to guess and rip back a few times to get it right. I will also make the wrap pieces extend down 2-3 in. further next time to accommodate a larger bust but that is not a pattern suggestion, just a fitting detail.


I made my All Wrapped Up Tank in ITY (Interlock Twist Yarn) Stretch Jersey Knit and it is soft, kinda slinky with great drape. It is hard to distinguish wrong side from right side so you really can't go wrong- this is especially helpful with wrapping since you don't have to worry about the wrong side showing). There is also a slight sheen and did I mention the awesome drape (I think I may have). I used a self binding for the armholes and neckline to give it a monochrome look that really helped the wrap detail to stand out. I really like that the ties are not bulky which makes it possible to wear this tank under a cardi, jacket or shawl. The ties can also be placed to help cinch in your tummy so you can wear this when you want to look good but also do some serious eating. Lastly the basic tank pattern without the wrap is also a great wardrobe staple that I would recommend for your printed knits. 


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Did you change the armholes from the pattern?

One other thing. Remember to look in the review mirror when wearing something like this. Is spanx needed???

Victoria's Secret has an incredible bra called... well, "The Incredible" that smooths out the back with no digging in and popping between straps.

The wrap top looks beautiful on the form! I wonder, did you leave the edges raw on the wrap and ties or sew a line along the edge as the pattern instructions suggest? Also, on a live body, do the ties slip down to the waist and bunch down?

I left the edges raw because my machine doesn't overlock on lightweight jersey very well and I wanted to save time.
The ties do not slip down but they do bunch a little because the fabric is lighter weight and a jersey so it curls too. But they are so long that it is not noticable since you must wrap it several times.

Nope made it "as is". I wear it with my Spanx bra to cut down on any VBL.

I'm so glad I decided to read this blog entry today. I have other patterns of this style (dresses) and have been dying to make them, but wasn't sure what type of fabric to use, other than spandex. I'm so happy to know about ITY Stretch Jersey Knit. The directions on my patterns do not require finishing the edges. I could finish them on my serger if I had to, but I prefer leaving them unfinished. Lots of helpful info on this blog. Thank you!

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