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Felt Wand with Magic Streamers

June 5, 2011

felt wand 2.jpg

Another chapter in our Felt Play Dress Up series: Magic Wand Edition. Nothing is more fun than imagining magic and casting spells. Every wizard needs a wand of their own in their favorite color or designed to order. But you also need proof of magic: to see it streaming out of your wand and cascading down upon the intended recipient of charm. My Felt Wand with Magic Streamers is soft to the touch for rambunctious playtime and has visible, wispy streamers that give the appearance of magic shooting from your wand. Customize your wand to match your room, favorite blanket or to match your best friend's wand. I created mine in purple with pink and blue polka dots. For Boys, I recommend stars, stripes or mini-fire trucks and dinosaurs!

felt wand 1.jpg

Here's what you need to make your own Felt Wand with Magic Streamers:

1 sheet of felt for wand (I used Purple)

Several sheets of felt in various colors for decorations (baby pink & baby blue)

¼  yd of sheer fabric (Crepe, Chiffon, Organza, etc)

Coordinating thread

Small amount of stuffing

Downloadable Felt Wand and Magic Streamers Pattern

Cut out Felt Wand with Magic Streamers Pattern pieces. Cut 1 wand and wand bottom from wand colored felt. Cut out several polka dots from various colors of felt. Stitch your polka dots (or other embellishments) onto the right side of felt wand. Set felt wand aside.
Cut Sheer fabric into small strips the length of the fabric (about ½ to 1 in. wide each). Stack sheer strips on top of one another and stitch together at the top with an X. Stitch this stack onto the top, wrong side of the felt wand piece. Roll up wand along the length and overlap by 1/8 in. and whipstitch closed. Firmly stuff your wand (I made mine a bit lumpy to give it the old, wonky wizard look). Whipstitch your wand bottom onto the felt wand to close. Swish your wand around and watch the magic fly around the room!

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