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Crochet Critters

June 22, 2011

Man, was this little guy fun. I am really getting the hang of crochet and I am really enjoying it as well. I originally fell in love with the Lion on the Cover of 'Leisure Arts Easy Crochet Critters', until the book arrived. Then I took one look at the Hippo and was hooked (oh geez, please excuse my puns). Though something went wonky along the way- I think I left out an increase on the nose. I am still not very good at row counting in crochet so I can't really look back and see where the mistake might be, so my Hippo resembles more of a pig than a hippo but he is cute nonetheless. I am already shifting through my stash to make all the other animals, lion first, and redo the hippo to make sure I get it right this time. I am head over heels for that cute little tail. I made sure to use the right size hook this time, which was tricky but given the practice I was able to adjust in just a few minutes. My confidence is growing. I used the delightful Berroco Weekend in Orchid, which is just a very light purple, perfect for a hippo or the seal. The yarn crocheted up beautifully, with no splitting or snags.


The bonus, that I didn't see coming, is that my little 2 yr old loves the booklet as much as I do. She thinks it is another of her animal books. I get a few minutes of wiggle free lap time where she points to all the animals, we name them and then make the noise. It is bliss. The projects are small and quick so they make great car companions and fit inside a diaper bag or into the back of the stroller. I have also been able to fine tune my Magic Circle technique and use it instead of chaining and then crocheting into the chain. I just magic circle the same number as I would crochet into the chain and pull it up tight. It gives a flawless look. I cannot wait to get started on the other 9 animals and I hope Leisure Arts comes out with even more Amigurumi books like this one!


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I've only made one amigurumi piece: a sock monkey! It was 21" long and my granddaughter just loved it! I hope to make an amineko (amigurumi Japanese cat) next. But first, I have lots of other crochet projects in the wings.

Good luck in your future crochet endeavors! :)

Thanks! Your Sock Monkey sounds amazing!

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