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Hot Patterns Sporty Sarong-Short Free Pattern Download

May 11, 2011

From Hot Patterns, this Sporty Sarong-Short free pattern is awesome! The garment has the appearance of a skirt, comfort of shorts, and cute tie accent in front.  I was a little hesitant of the "skort" aspect myself... but, really... what a practical garment! These are fashion-forward modern skorts. And I love them.  Choose a printed fabric to make them, and you won't even be able to tell they are actually shorts; great for dressing up or dressing down!


The cut of the pattern is marvelous, and so easy to put together! I chose the rayon challis print from the Style Studio collection. Challis is a dream to work with, and the drape is perfect for this style of garment. You want something with some flow and drape to it. Also try voile, linen or peachskin! For my next project I want to combine this pattern with a top pattern and attach the two to make these into a sporty sarong-short romper!

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Thanks for the great blog--and for posting about this cute free pattern! I have the latest version of Acrobat Reader, but when I downloaded the PDF file, there was only one page (the cover/information page) and no pattern. Just thought that would be helpful for you to know--I'm looking forward to being able to download and print the entire pattern. Thanks for all the great free downloads and for all your wonderful fabric (I'm a fabric.com "addict!").

Same here, I'm on IE but the download only included the first page. :)

Same thing for me too. I currently run all new versions. Windows/IE. Only first page downloaded.

Same for me too.

Just want to add that I'm having the same problem too. Nice to know I'm not alone. I'm very much looking forward to the full download too.

I am glad to know it is not me. I hope they get it fixed these are cute shorts.

I'm having the same problem as everyone else; I just get the first page. Hope it's fixed soon--these look like really cute shorts.

I use Adobe Reader 9 and I got all the pages. I'd love to know if anyone trys this in a longer length I look better in something more knee length. Will it still look modern?

Hi All: I got the entire pattern to download but didn't find yardage requirements anywhere ! Can anyone enlighten me on how much fabric, elastic is required?

NEVER MIND. I found the instructions and yardage requirements interspersed with the pattern pieces.

Love the look, but... wondering how practical; when you undo the tie to allow for the garment to be pulled down, the 'front skirt' will be floating - I don't like the idea of it being on the floor of any public washroom. How to remedy that?

Our apologies everyone! The pattern download has been fixed and you should have no problems now. Sorry for the inconvenience! Happy sewing!

I downloaded the file fine. However, it would really help if the size chart information were included or referenced. I went to the hotpattern.com website and see they do have a chart but it's a jpg and my eyes can't really make out the numbers very well (zooming doesn't help either due to pixelation). A text/pdf version of this info would be a definite improvement, even if it were only available from hotpattern.com.

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