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Fun With Buttons- Hair Pins!

May 31, 2011

hair pins.jpg

These "Coordinates" Buttons by La Mode have endless possibilities. They are stackable, fashionable and fun! With prints and textures, I thought these buttons would make great hair clips. I mixed and matched from several different sets, and left one button all by itself. These flat bobby pins come in 2 lengths and are perfect to use because of the 3/16'' wide top, so the buttons have a good surface to grasp hold to.

My first step was to stitch the top button. Stitching the entire stack together doesn't work because the thread loops on the bottom button create an uneven surface to adhere to the bobby pin.  Because you're not stitching the button TO anything, I took my needle through the thread knot, creating some leverage for sewing through the holes. Then I glued the top button to the lower button and let it sit for about 2 hours. The glue is key in this project. I used the E6000 Multi Purpose Adhesive, which is amazing!! Using a tooth pick to dip into the tube to grab some glue, place a small amount on each surface. Let dry for 1-2 minutes and then stick them together. There is minimal oozing- but what is great about this glue- considering how much you have left over oozing out of your project, you can pull the excess right off. After about 12 hours (overnight), it becomes this stretchy clear goo that can easily be pulled off without harming your project.

After letting the glued button stacks sit for about 1 hour, I glued them to the bobby pin surface. I didn't want any chance of the bobby pin gluing itself shut, so I slid the bobby pins on the card the buttons came on, so the bottom part of the bobby pin would not have to be involved. Letting each glued surface dry separately for a minute or two really helps minimize ooze and stability of placing the buttons to the pin. After about 45 minutes, I slid the bobby pin half way off the card so there would be no chance of the card being glued to my project! Let them sit that way for 24- 72 hours to cure and voila!

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This is a very cool project for a sewing-head.

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