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Feltworks Learn Needle Felting Kit

May 2, 2011


Never have I felt an adrenaline rush from crafting before but there is something about vigorously stabbing felt with a needle over and over that gives a rush that no other craft can. Needle felting is good therapy  for moms, young ladies planning wedding or teens with angst (or just people in general but it is more fun to name off random identifiers). I never would have pegged myself as an enjoyer of needle felt because I love ready-made felt so much. Just as I have no desire to spin yarn but I do love yarn, I never desired to make the felt that I loved so much. However, when I stumbled across Felt works Learn Needle Felting Kit, I thought "Why not. It's for the blog."


Well, it was fun! And worth the effort (effort it is too). Needle felting is very easy to pick up, especially if you watch one of the Clover videos (We carry all the Clover tools you will need). The kit comes with all you need to make the project pictured but if you are really into it buy the supplies separate (Needle mat, needle felting tool). Not that the supplies that come with the kit aren't great but you only get 2 needles (fine for small project like this one but not for bigger) and the foam supplied isn't going to last more than 2 projects. Mine was sort of malformed and lumpy when I got done with my appliqué. But you can use the needles on other projects and you get PLENTY of wool roving.




This flower project is very simple and I caught on thanks to the Clover videos. I started with tiny bit but then learned how to judge how much roving I needed and where. Sometimes it helped to roll the roving up into a log or a ball to get into tight areas. Also, you initially hold down the roving but only 1-2 jabs with the needle will hold it in place so you don't have to constantly worry about stabbing yourself (NOT good therapy). In all it took about 30-45 min to finish this project but I felt so relaxed and myself afterward. I have since found other applications for needle felting: on crocheted eggs, over at Craftzine, and Betz White. I hope you enjoy needle felting as much as I do and don't forget to share your project on our Facebook Wall or on twitter.    

P.S. The Feltworks kit suggests using your flower as a pocket or an appliqué. I opted for the appliqué and crafted up a wand with fabric scraps instead of ribbons. It is adorable!

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Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the great work! and love crafting too.

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