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VIDEO - Kristl discusses Koshibo printed fabrics

April 12, 2011

koshibo fabric.jpgKoshibo or Kishibo fabrics are 100% polyester printed ''silkies.'' They are lightweight and have terrific drape. The prints we have currently are nostalgic or vintage looking florals that are just in time for spring. I know some of you are thinking, ''Kristl, are you crazy? I don't wear polyester in the warmer months!'' To that I will say that there are plenty of people, myself included, that work in the air conditioning all day long and don't mind wearing an ''unnatural'' fabric to work. Speaking of work, Koshibo is perfect for blouses and tops that are worthy of the office. Pair them with a jacket or cardigan, and you can keep the A/C chill off your shoulders. Here are the patterns I mentioned in the video today:


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