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The Fabric Maverick makes a Potato Bag-Oops!

April 20, 2011

In honor of Earth Day which is April 22, 2011, I decided to make a potato bag. This project uses all cotton materials. The supplies needed are :

1. Tater batting (DR-737) -  This batting is 100% cotton. It was designed by The Warm Company to be food-safe. This is perfect for microwaves and food products.    

2, Novelty cotton fabric - I used potatoes (CL-720) , of course.

3. Cotton thread - Do not use polyester thread

  Potato Bag Col.jpg4. Sewing machine and/or serger.

Only use 100% cotton in this project. It is possible for polyester products to catch on fire in a microwave.

The Warm Company has thoughtfully given a free downloadable instruction sheet for a potato bag which you may access if you click on DR-737.

Believe it or not this project takes under one hour to complete.

I prewashed all my fabrics first even though the directions leave the washing after the completion of the project.


1.Measure the inside dimensions of your microwave. The completed bag should be at least one inch away from the walls of the microwave. I measured my turntable and made my bag so that it would fit within the dimensions of the turntable.

2. Cut one  22'' long x 11'' wide piece of Warm Tater cotton batting and 2- 22'' long x 11'' wide pieces of novelty fabric. Place batting between the two pieces of novelty fabric. The wrong sides of the fabric should be against the batting with right sides facing out.

3.  Quilt or tack layers of batting and fabric together. This will keep the batting and fabric from shifting.

4. Serge or sew using a zig zag stitch , stitch the 3 layers on all sides.

5. Create finished hems on each of the width ends (short ends) by folding the fabric to the inside 1/2''  and sewing it down using a straight stitch.

6. Alas this is where I lost my mind. I puzzled over the following instruction and never got it until I was driving to work this morning. Here is the instruction. I will leave it up to you to tell me if you can understand it.

" Fold the fabrics into a 10'' square inside out with the hems centered and overlapping 1 inch.  Pin and sew all sides with a straight stitch and 1/2'' seam allowance"

Am I the only one who cannot understand this simple instruction?

Here is my rewritten version:

6. With right side of layers facing up, fold bottom hem up to center of layers. Fold top hem down overlapping bottom hem by 1 inch. Pin sides. Sew sides 1/2'' from the edges with a straight stitch.  Remove pins and turn right side out.

7. Your potato bag is done. Wash if you did not do so already.


How much fun would it be to have these made up in patriotic colors for the 4th of July?


Question of the day- Have you ever been unable to understand instructions and flubbed a project like the Fabric Maverick?

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What the heck is a potato bag?!

A potato bag makes the best microwave "baked" potato! From what I understand, it cooks the potato evenly and makes regular microwaved potatoes an unpleasant distant memory. LOL

I haven't tried this out yet -- I crochet and was hoping for a crochet pattern, but I think the key is to hold the steam in -- hence the fabric / batting idea.

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