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Swing Scarf- A Free Knitting Pattern Download

April 6, 2011

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Spring is here but sometimes not. Here in Georgia, we are bouncing from warm weather to cool to downright chilly and back again. Some days spring weather is in your face and others have you wondering if you read the calendar wrong.  You must be prepared for days like these. It is a blessing that layering is in fashion and scarves are at the top of the list. The Swing Scarf is perfect for confusing spring days. Knit from Tahki Ripple in 100% Mercerized Cotton (a fiber treatment to increase the luster of the finished fiber), it is silky, shiny and soft. The hand is akin to well washed linen more than cotton. The pattern is made up of stockinette and lace mesh panels with a few purl rows thrown in for fun. The Swing Scarf is also knit on the bias to keep it interesting to knit and draws the eye when wearing. The ripples in the yarn also make this scarf more than ordinary. The stitch patterns are simple but the ripples create an illusion of more intricate patterns.

IMG_20110326_112416 copy.jpg

The Swing Scarf is a small scarf at just 3 ft. long but the length is just right for spring layers where you don't want to be too burdened or insulated. You can wrap it around your neck and allow the ends to cascade down your shoulders, you can tie it, knot it and tuck the ends into your jacket, or it also makes a fabulous sash for tunics. The Spring Scarf can also be called into duty as a poolside tie back for your hair. This Spring Scarf is knit in Tahki Ripple Taupe but I also recommend the Yellow, Rose and Teal for other spring versions of this scarf. While best worked in a cotton or linen for warm weather, the Swing Scarf will also look amazing in mohair, silk or alpaca for cool weather as well. Oh and this is a quick, fun knit!

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Download your copy of the Free Swing Scarf Pattern here

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I don't knit much, so am a little confused by the directions (and am in the process of knitting the pattern right now!). I'm making the scarf a little narrower than the pattern, which might not be helping with my confusion.

When it says "after 8 rows of lace, continue with basic stitch for 14 rows". I know it can't be R1-10. I've been using R9 and R10. Is that correct?

The part I'm really struggling with is "at the same time, once you reach 41 sts you will increase and decrease on the wrong side as such: R: kf&b, k3, p to last 6 sts, k3, k2tog, k1".

Once I hit the maximum stitches (for your pattern, 41, for mine, a little shorter), do I replace R9 with this, and continue with R10 (knit) on the opposite?

Thanks for your help

I don't understand what kf&b is. I have been knitting many years and I don't think I have ever seen this before.

kmh--In reading the pattern, I have the same questions as you. Did the scarf work out the way you worked it?

Susan kf&b means to knit the next stitch normally and then knit the same stitch again through the back loop to increase.

kmh--I have the same questions as you. Did the scarf work out the way you did it?

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