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Review: Crochet Hooks & Lion Brand Baby Wool

April 8, 2011

crystalite hook.jpg

Here's me learning Magic Circle with a Crystalites hook and Lion Brand Baby Wool in Sprout

Today is jam-packed with reviews, we have three (count 'em, three) for your crochet pleasure.

First up are the Boye Aluminum Crochet hooks. I think of these as the standard crochet hook because they are available in most stores and I have been using them for years. The Boye hooks are a standard in my knitting notions bag but I also enjoy using them in crochet. I recommend them for beginners because they are inexpensive so you can stock up. They are slick so you can cut your frustration level a bit as the yarn slides over them easily. The points are nicely shaped; they are not too wide and cone shaped so they slip into stitches very nicely. They are however, aluminum with a nickel plating so if you have a nickel allergy you should go for the Comfort Cushions that slide over the ends to protect your hands. The bright colors help you identify the size you need quickly.  

Susan Bates Crystalites Acrylic Crochet Hook set is also great for a beginner and a good companion to the Boye needles. The acrylic slides less easily than the aluminum but this is good if your tension is overly loose or you just have trouble holding onto your yarn. The colors are so fun and pretty. The range of sizes that come in the set are just what you need to get started and will carry you into any project. The shape is nice, a little wider than the Boye but this has helped me hook my yarn easier and hold onto it as I am making my stitches. The Acrylic is soft and smooth with a warm feeling that helps ease fatigue that beginner especially suffer from as work new muscles. The carry case is small and fit in most bags making this easy to take with you.

Lion Brand is fast becoming my favorite yarn company (If you get their catalog you know how yummy their selection is). Not only do they offer tons of free patterns for knitting and crochet (like the Easter Eggs and Best Bunny I just made) but they just make great yarn. Their Baby Wool is another notch on the belt. It feels just like good wool but it's washable so the apprehension that comes with wool is gone. It comes in a wide selection of wonderful baby colors too. It is not itchy and has just the right amount of fluffiness. The softness coupled with the washability lends it to toys, blankets, clothing, and all kinds of baby accessories. The variegated versions are pretty neat because the variegation is less frivolous than most variegated that bounce from one color to the next before you can appreciate it. The Alpine Meadow that I worked with supplied long lengths of each color which I found to be more relaxing in appearance.  I really loved working with this yarn and include it on my list of standards.  

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I must say that Lion Brand's web site is one of the first I go to when looking for a specific pattern. I also just love their yarn! My winter favorite this year was Wool-Ease. I'd like to try their Cotton-Ease for some summer projects.

My favorite crochet hooks, however, are the Clover Soft Touch hooks (sizing from "B" to "J"). These hooks are more comfortable for my 50+ year old hands. :)

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