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Crochet Easter Toys

April 7, 2011


On the heels of last week's posting on Amigurumi, I bring you some super fun Crochet Easter Toys.
 *Editorial: Let it not be said that we at Fabric.com have not heeded your call for more Crochet- but having said that know that I am still learning. I want to thank our readers for pushing me to learn this new skill because I have come to love it very much and my desire to improve so I can bring your more and better projects is at a fever pitch. Editorial over* These toys are all easy to make and, of course, quick. I was thoroughly addicted to the eggs and the bunny really helped me to branch out a bit while still staying in my comfort zone. I am ready to admit to my faulty gauge which is TIGHT so I used a bigger hook than called for (a J when the bunny pattern called for a H) but aside from the standards that came from learning, these were fun and great projects that I recommend to get you and yours ready for Easter.

easter eggs.jpg


First up are the Lion Brand Patterns: Best Bunny and Amigurumi Easter Eggs. These eggs will fly off your hook and crochet up in Baby Wool in Alpine Meadow makes them so soft to the touch, perfect for the littlest fingers to play with. The Alpine Meadow is variegated wool that blends from Yellow to Green to Blue lending itself perfectly to an appearance of a dyed Easter Egg. The recommended hook for the egg pattern is a G, but I had trouble with the first few rounds with a smaller hook given that the yarn was worsted weight so I, again, went with a J so help me with some extra wiggle room. The egg produced is about 15% bigger than a regular egg but still fun none the less. The bunny is crocheted in pieces and was made with Lion Brand Baby Wool in Sprout (a fun, bright green) and Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Baby Yarn in Mint. I had trouble with the first few rounds in the ears and arms since there were about 6 Sts or less. It seems really hard to fit in my hook but I guess I can chalk that up to my gauge and practice more. The bunny over all was easy and came together fast. He is a big hit with my 2 yr old and I think a few more lining her book shelves along with the eggs will really bring the holiday home.

easter eggs2.jpg

The smaller eggs are Easy Makes Me Happy Tara Murray's Pattern called simply "Easter Egg Pattern" and it is also fun and easy. The construction is different than the Lion Brand egg which gives is a smaller but more egg-like shape. I also really dug Tara's inspiration pictures. I found this pattern on Ravelry while searching for Easter patterns that I could not live without. While I had already started the Lion Brand eggs when I found Tara Murray's pattern, I could not help myself and I am not at all sorry. These eggs were super fast and I even dared to add a little stripe (my first color change in crochet *pat on the back*) in Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Baby Yarn Berrylicious. I recommend this pattern for Easter egg fun-goodness.

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These are just too cute! Thanks so much for sharing!

Yippee! Someone else has found the amigurumi Easter eggs! I absolutely loved making the bowlful for my desk at work. And yes, they are addictive! Your bunny is really adorable. I'm thinking of making a small basket and 3 eggs for my soon-to-be granddaughter and her cousin. I've already made a 21" amigurumi sock monkey for my STB granddaughter's 2nd birthday. Whew! Talk about sore arms / hands / fingers. But he's very cute and cuddly (with Caron's Pound of Yarn and Simply Soft!)
Keep up the good work!

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