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Amigurumi & Crochet

March 31, 2011

Amigurumi- a Japanese word that means crocheted or knitted stuffed toy

crochet toys.jpg

If you follow me on twitter you know that after years of nay-saying and fierce resistance I have been bitten by the crochet bug. One lowly factor that could certainly be responsible for this new found addiction is my 2 yr old. This wee, dear person coupled with the abundance of Amigurumi crochet patterns out there (this is a vague term for the internet) has surely driven me to this end. But I am willing to stand up and say "My name is Tara and I love to crochet!"

Now I am a beginner but I can pull off a mean single crochet and so I can whip out some really cool Amigurumi! It seems that these stuffed toys are more prevalent in crochet than knitting and after having constructed a few myself I can see the advantages of crochet over knitting in terms of toys. It is easier to crochet small diameter than it is to knit. It seems that crocheting in the round is easier as well. I have also had an easier time with the stuffing. While closing up a stuffed crocheted item can be tricky, I love that I can stuff the piece and then close it with the same stitch as opposed to knitting where you cast off, stuff and then sew it up. Perhaps it is the novelty of the difference that has me enraptured but I am digging it!

Since I am on this kick, I have been doing a lot of internet surfing to log all my favorite Amigurumi patterns to crochet as my skill grows and I just have to share.

Fabric.com carries 2 books of Crochet Critters that I put at the top of my list mostly because my little one is jungle animal crazy right now. I love the Lion on the cover of "Easy Crochet Critters" which also includes a monkey and a hippo which are tops in our house.

Lion Brand has a TON of Amigurumi crochet patterns, each one as cute as the last. I literally want to make all of them but I would settle for a few of each. I am especially smitten with the Halloween characters because it is my favorite holiday. And you know Fabric.com carries all the best Lion Brand Yarn.

I found an adorable octopus on Ravelry by Michele Tway 

I love the attitude of this monkey with a banana by Betsi Brunson

Lastly, and I have to included this because in my heart I am still a knitter and I cannot resist a great knitted toy and anything by Mochimochi Land is Awesome, hands down, but this free pattern, Woodins, featured in Knitty is the cat's meow.  

Enjoy and share your favorite Amigurumi patterns here or on our Facebook wall

You can follow my crochet projects on twitter.

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So nice to know Fabric.com is now a crochet fan! Thanks for the blog today. Now for more yarn!

Yippee! A convert to crochet! I have recently been bitten by the amigurumi bug myself. I am currently making a sock monkey using a pattern from All Free Crochet and adapting it with the traditional red mouth / red bottom. I also have begun making amigurumi Easter Eggs using the Lion Brand free crochet pattern and multi-colored yarn. What fun!! I can't wait to check out these books as I am raring to go on more amigurumi!

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