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Learning to Crochet

February 21, 2011


Like Shannon, I too want to learn another way to play with yarn. However, unlike Shannon, who got right on the ball with her resolution, I am just now posting in Feb. Not that I haven't been practicing, because I have. Totally! Well...maybe not as hard as I should have. I will claim my number one excuse to being a blatant refusal to hold my yarn in my left hand.  Like a 4 yr old refusing to try something new, I was just as stubborn. Sure there are so many really cool crochet patterns out there, sure I like to try new things and yes, it is my job to promote great yarn products to the best of my ability but surely that doesn't mean holding my yarn in the left. It just seems so WRONG. But being the big girl that I am (most of the time) I sat myself down and made myself hold my yarn in my left hand and a crochet hook in the right and put the 2 together with my handy "Teach Yourself to Crochet" Book. But my yarn kept falling out - so not fair, right.


"Practice" I told myself, your fingers need practice. You did it for knitting, remember how hard that was? So I kept at it. When my fingers would cramp up from the new techniques I would take breaks and cruise blogland for great crochet inspiration to keep me going. Have you seen what Anna Maria Horner is doing with crochet these days, Amazing! This kept me going. 2 hours later I had, roughly, a 4 in. by 8 in. swatch of some moderatlye fine looking crochet, if I do say so myself. I used the last bit of my Lion Brand Organic Cotton (Wildflowers), leftover from the Worsted Weight Swirl Hat and a size J Boye Crochet Hook--I like the Boye because they are pointy.  I have always had trouble with my tension due to the unfamiliarity of yarn in the left hand so after many position changes I decided to try my handy ring yarn guide. It really helped a lot. I didn't have to focus so much on keeping my yarn on my hand and keeping tension. The yarn guide kept the yarn in place so I could focus on my hook and tension. Still tricky but manageable and see how far I got! Yes, it took my 2 hours to crochet what I could knit in about 30 min but still I did it. The best part is that it resembles a rectangle and not a trapezoid! With practice (of which I am looking forward too) I may be able to stick with this crochet business. If not at least I may be able to learn to knit continental which will really help with colorwork. One small step at a time!


You can follow my crochet adventures on twitter @tdangermiller and follow Fabric.com @fabricdotcom to keep up on deals, customers tips and the latest sew/knit/crochet news. 

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Congratulations! You seem to have the same phobias with left hand yarn holding that I have with wonky stitches when I try to knit. I must say that the ring yarn guide is intriguing! I hope you continue to post crochet items on the blog. I just can't get enough crochet ideas. :)

Thanks! I will try to keep up with it. I have a bunch of crochet pattern in my Ravelry faves that I want to get to. I will keep with it and post more.

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