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Hand-made Gifts for Baby Season

January 28, 2011

The plan was to post on a Hot Patterns Pattern today but when I was cleaning my kitchen the other night slowly doing my mental list of where I had to go this week and what I needed to make/finish; I noticed that I was at the threshold of Baby Season. Baby Season seems to coincide closely with Awards Season, so while the stars are strutting the red carpet in their fineries, I am making and wrapping bibs, booties, baby carriers and other sundries necessary for raising wee babes. I am quite sure that Baby Season is not a southern-only epidemic so I thought I would share a few of my favorite or most popular hand-made baby gifts. These are easy to make, of course-quick, and a big hit with mothers.

nursing cover 1.jpg

nursing cover 2.jpg

 A nursing cover is a simple gift that works for a multitude of tasks (a great gift even for mothers who aren't nursing). I used mine for the obvious but also as a stroller cover when my little one napped or was over stimulated. My cover served duty as a changing pad/cover so as not to expose the baby in public when a private area can't be found, a quick and light spring blanket, and a sun shade. The list goes on and on. Making one is easier than listing all its useful capacities. You will need 1 yd of 2 different prints or colors of fabric. Picking out the fabric is the most fun (I think). You can go for any of the Premiere Prints that are sale today! For the funky, trendy mom- try our new Ty Pennington Impressions (I am loving the color combos). For a first child (and you know there will be more) make a nursing cover with one side a feminine color/print and a masculine on the other. I made mine from this awesome Kwik Sew pattern which also features a swaddler and sling. All three make a super baby shower gift.

The pattern lived up to the Kwik Sew name and was equally easy to read and assemble. This was just the ticket as the time I set aside to work on it was naptime and this day was particularly trying as naptime was out of favor. The project put me at ease and the satisfaction I received from the completed nursing cover was great enough to leave me ready for the end of naptime. I would recommend cutting and assembling several at one time, since they are so quick, in case you are invited to a party and difficulties leave you without time to make anything. I used 2 pieces of quilting cotton from my stash (working from my stash is my new years resolution) but I think in the future I will choose at least one side to be Home Dec fabric for better sun protection in the hot summers. Psst: You will need some boning.

The next pattern- Kwik Sew Babies Bib, etc-, I haven't made but it is securely on my list due to the fact that it will grow with your baby. You begin with the burp cloth and pacifier bib (prized by many of my mom friends) and move on to the cutie toy and travel pillow. I am so in love with this pattern. I was planning on drafting my own pattern for several of these items (namely the paci bib) because I didn't know they existed yet. They do and that is a load of work off my list. With a few yards of fabric and a delightful weekend spent in heaven (i.e. sewing room) you or I can have several gifts knocked out.

I feel especially good giving hand-made gifts to my mom friends because I know they are well made, infinitely useful, will match the baby theme and will be well loved. I know that I am showing my friend how happy I am for her and hope much I love her little one by carefully picking out fabric, putting thought into a pattern and making something special for the new family. 

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The thing to watch out for when using a nursing cover is that the mother must always be able to see the baby's face. Unfortunately, babies have died from smothering in a nursing position -- the moms assumed they'd simply gone to sleep when they stopped suckling, because they couldn't see them and didn't realize they were suffocating. Tiny newborns can't struggle if that happens; they just quietly pass. Make sure that if you sew one of these for a friend, she knows that she has to keep an eye on the baby at all times. Discretion is one thing, but safety has to come first.

Thanks, great ideas--especially the pacifier bib!

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