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Danger Craft Tofu Dog Pattern: Knit your dog!

January 26, 2011


Danger craft's Tofu the Gently Dachshund pattern is one of those patterns that you just enjoy knitting from start to finish. All the little bits make it more fun. I also enjoy the assembly though finishing (weaving in end and seaming) is usually my least favorite. I decided to change up the pattern a little bit to model one of my dogs, Murphy. He is a short-haired border collie so a far cry from a dachshund but the modifications were small. First, I must expound on Murphy's virtues, namely how stinking cute he is (see him below). He has a very curly tail that even curls in his sleep. Murphy has black and white spotted socks that are often referred to as his spats. He even walks fancy. But Murphy's crowning glory is his wonky ears. One is always bent and the other is straight- most of the time. I point out all these magnificent characteristics because they are the traits I aimed to incorporate into my Tofu Dog. The changes were easy.

Murphy Paws.jpg

Murphy profile.JPG

First: for the Murphy socks, I just randomly changed from Cast Iron (black) to white as I was knitting the legs and arms. I did not count but just changed when it felt right. To make his spots, I went back after I had knitted the body and arms and using duplicate stitching I added black spots wherever. For the curly tail, I knit as per the pattern but then I added a length of pipe cleaner inside so I could curl the tail up. The wonky ears were just a matter of shortening the pattern. Instead of increasing, I decreased and then knit a few rows and decreased again. To make one floppy, I bent the ear a bit and then secured it with a small stitch and then another lower down on the ear. I also stitched the ears on so they would sit up instead of handing down like a Dachshund's. Murphy has a long nose so I didn't change anything there. All in all I think he looks amazing and I know my little girl will love having a Murphy whose tail she CAN pull and ears she CAN inspect.

devon April 019.JPG

My next plan is to make another to match my other dog Maggie; she's an American Bulldog. The plan is to hold two strands so I can make the dog bigger. I will also add some short rows in the back because Maggie has a healthy rump. One ear will be orange and there will also be a curly tail but less so than Murphy's. I might also add some beans to add weight since Maggie, at 75 lbs, is quite stout and I think this is one of her finer points as well since you can't avoid noticing how heavy she is as she sits in your lap. I will let you know how it goes. I encourage you all to try this awesome pattern and make modifications to model your beloved dogs. Post your pictures on Facebook for all to see.

Devon 3-2010 237.JPG

This pattern was knit in Berroco Vintage In Cast Iron and Vintage White. I have not added the eyes or nose yet because the little messmaker above is very intent right now on pulling things off and often they end up in the mouth or my stepping on them. 

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