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UFO's! Not in the skies, but in your sewing room!

December 30, 2010

It's a growing menace (for me anyway): UFO's, otherwise knows as UnFinished Objects.

We all have them - projects we started with great enthusiasm, but somehow abandoned on the road to completion. Or maybe we weren't THAT enthusiastic about them to begin with. I have a couple of alterations I promised to friends that have been sitting untouched for months, because they're not urgent and I just don't feel all that excited about them.

But as 2010 comes to a close, I am vowing to unfetter myself from these menaces ASAP.

For items that I have promised to other people, I am going to plow through them one-by-one and free myself from my guilty feelings brought on by all that procrastinating.

For the projects that are the orphans of my creative ADD, I am going to revisit each of them and decide if I am going to finish them up or delete them from the to-do list. It's a painful concept to me, ditching a half-finished project, but if it saves my sanity, it's the right decision in the long run.

Once I have identified all the UFO's that I am indeed going to complete, I will schedule them out throughout the first quarter of the year so I'm not overwhelmed by a pile of "chore" sewing.

That's my game plan. Anyone care to join me in creating a fresh slate for creative endeavors this year?

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I read this and could have sworn I wrote it. I have flannel blankets with the satin border half done, patterns pinned to material for clothes that are most likely too small now, and a host of "other" as called here, "promised crafts". I've been using the excuse that "my craft room I was promised when we built this home 6 yrs. ago has still to see a wall constructed but truth be told, I believe it's simply all me. So if you don't mind sharing a resolution with a fellow crafter/sewer/scrapbooker/jewelry maker etc., etc. I shall resolve here and now, as public as I plan to make it, to put a rush order on the mountain in the corner. I shall consciously turn that mountain into a mole hill, for all that are interested to see. Thank you for your help, it's much easier knowing I'm not alone. lol

I will also join in the pledge to finish some of those UFOs!

I have already started with the ones that take up the most room (two down) and it feels so good to get them off the pile--seeing some more floor space is great too!

After that are all those bom's I'm behind on. I am also going to do better this year with my goal of completing one lap quilt a month for our quilt group's donation to the medical care facility (instead of doing six of them the last month like this year!).

Good luck to us all!

I have very few UFO's. My Goal for the first month is to FINSH the organization of my sewing room. I moved it from one room to a slightly larger room with lots of shelf space, now I have to decide where everything goes! Yikes!

I've already started on the downward trend to get rid of my UFOs. I have organized my LR (house is to small for sewing room upstairs). I am wheelchair bound and in our weather, I can't get down stairs until spring.I have a box just large enough to hold my current craft along with my needles, thread, etc. I'm an old fashioned hand seamstress. As each item is finished, I sign it and my aid puts it in a hutch in my bedroom. That way things are slowly getting completed and ready for the next Show and Sell..... Have a blessed New Year to all.....

Sounds like a good idea. At first I thought, I don't have any UFO's. Then, I recall from a visual picture of my sewing room, yes I do: right there on my sewing machine desk, which I look at every single day, is an unfinished embroidery panel that needs to be finished and sewn onto the bag it is sitting on top of. Also, there's a pink spring/summer skirt, already cut out, that needs lining fabric cut out before I can sew it. It is also in plain sight, in a plastic container with pattern, etc. These items have slowly become decor in my sewing room, rather than projects to be worked on and finished. And more-on top of the counter, in the closet, in the cabinet, more. Why? The creative visualizer part of me is outpacing the mechanical part of me, like by about 10 projects to one! Thanks for the wake-up call!

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