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Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky Review

December 22, 2010

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I have written before about Lion Brand's Cotton Yarns (here, here, here & here) but this is my first experience working with their wool yarns. I am also a bit of a newbie when it comes to chunky yarn. Frankly, I would always tell myself: "Self, why should you pay $X for 80 yds when you can pay the same amount and get 120 yds?" So I ended up with a stash full of worsted weight and never knew what I was missing.

Fact: You can knit a sweater with fewer yards in Chunky weight yarn than worsted.

This is very true and I know because Lion Brand tells me so. They even have this groovy webpage complete with chart and all. According to their chart to make a 36 in. chest Adult sweater you need 1200 yds of worsted weight yarn. To make the same size but knit with chunky weight yarn you need just 900 yds. 300 yds less! That also calculates into time. The reason you need less length is because each stitch covers more, so you use less stitches and also less time! If I had only sat down and thought it through, not only could I have many more sweater but also more time to knit, well, more sweaters (deadly circle).

So getting back to Lion Brand Wool yarns, I started with Wool Ease Chunky in Coco Knits Prairie Boots pattern. I was not only amazed while knitting the pattern but also when wearing the finished product. With only 20% wool, there is no itching but there is the same stretch and forgiveness that I love knitting wool. Y'all know how I am partial to natural fibers but I could not tell that this wasn't wool when I worked with it. I knew from choosing it that there was some acrylic but I was shocked to learn that Wool Ease is mostly acrylic and less so wool. I was sure from handling that it was the other way around. Hindsight being what it is I should have guessed when I didn't have to deal with splits. Had you do a blind test with this yarn, I would have guessed it to be Merino with its soft touch and delicious fuzz but no itching. This was a perfect choice for this pattern because it gives such comfort to the feet. 


My feet feel cushioned but also warm. The stitch definition is what you would expect from wool. A great definition for cable and textured stitches but also a little bit of fluff to soften the look. This yarn would be great for cabled hats, textured poncho/capes, chunky bags and cozy sweaters. Since Wool Ease is 80% Acrylic it is washable making is also great for kids' sweaters, scarves and mittens. The thick yarn will also knit up a quick and cozy blanket. You can find many fabulous patterns for this yarn on Lion Brand's website or Ravelry. Hands down you must try it; I'm addicted!

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I just finished knitting striped 16" pillows from this yarn for my neighbors' 7 year old twins. They love these for nap pillows, and their mom is grateful that she can throw them in a cold wash and tumble dry with a few tennis balls. I used a circular #11 needle with light blue and navy yarn, and covered the premade forms with navy kona cotton to prevent white show-through.

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