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Birds A-Hangin' Ornaments

December 14, 2010


Need some ornaments? If you're like me I can hardly bear the thought of actually BUYing ornaments. I'd rather make them, or receive them as gifts...or make them FOR gifts! Although making ornaments can be time consuming, I find that during the holidays, it doesn't feel like Christmas until I've made something. These stuffed bird ornaments are easy and fun and I know they will be gracing my Christmas décor for years and years to come. 

Start by cutting the bird body template (<-- click here!) With right sides of the fabric together, pin your ribbon on the X of the back, place your ribbon loop inside the body. Stitch ¼'' seam allowance, including the ribbon (careful not stitch the rest of the ribbon inside as you sew around!). Leave the tail open. Clip the corners and curves. Cut the tail end with pinking shears, because this will remain open. Turn inside out, your ribbon loop should be out and functioning.

Now stuff it! Use craft stuffing* to fill the body to your liking. Use a thread to wrap around and gather, forming the tail. I tied the thread around 3 times, double knotted. I like using this metallic thread because even if the thread shows a little (and it will) it will still look festive and nice. Take 2 matching buttons for the eyes and hand stitch the buttons on THROUGH the head securing both at the same time and keeping the bird brains stuffing in place. Embroidered French knots for eyes would work too.

For the wings, with right sides together, stitch with ¼ seam allowance and leave an opening between the dots to turn inside out. Depending on your fabric choice, you could add interfacing for extra stiffness; I didn't find it necessary for quilting cotton. Clip the corners and curves. Turn inside out to show the right sides of fabric. Carefully turn under open seam and top stitch along the whole wing. Place the wings where you want on the bird body. Pin the wings and whip stitch around the bottom to secure.  


Suggestions & other fun stuff:

  • For extra embellishing, you could get some feathers* and position them IN the tail so they would plume out of the opening.
  • Complimentary color thread or embroidery floss for attaching the wings would also be cool for an extra pop!
  • Place the wings slightly off from each other so you can see a peak of the 2nd wing in profile view.
  • Use these fabric markers to color and decorate your bird, great for kids too!
  • Choose a blender fabric for the wing, and choose a busier print for the body, like retro-mod quilting cotton, or vice-versa. This helps your bird stand out!
  • Get crazy and pick different fabrics for each of the 6 pieces! Remember, it doesn't have to be Christmas fabric, these birds can hang all year long! Anything looks Christmas-y when you put it on the tree, right?

*available at local craft store

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Thank you so much for this pattern. I couldn't come up with anything for a gift exchange and ended up making three of these. They were fun and easy and looked great!

I made these to share with friends and they loved them! Half were blue prints and the others red, and we all agreed that they're too cute to put away and have them hanging from a kitchen cabinet knob or door knob. I made a few changes, though: (1) I sewed each wing all the way around and made a little slit in the "wrong" side to turn it through, which I find easier than turning in an open curved edge; (2) I used Fabri-Tac to attach the wings instead of hand sewing; and, (3) wince I used 1/8" ribbon for the loop, I also used it to tie the tail and snipped it close. Thanks for such a cute project!

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