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Worsted Swirl Hat

November 10, 2010

swirl hat1.jpg

Hats are one of my favorite gifts to give for the holidays because they are so fast but also infinitely customizable. With just a few hours of knitting you can make a silky hat with an intrepid flower for a trend-setting sister or a neutral, classic ribbed for Dad. I love that hats are knit in the round too (no purling!) Hats can be knit with any fiber and any weight yarn. Hats make especially nice Christmas gifts because everyone is looking to keep warm, stay cute and hand knits are SO IN these days. However, as much as I heart making hats for mom, dad, brother and sister, I really heart making hats for kids. Kids get so excited! You know your hat will not be worn just out and about but in play: sliding down the slide, running wild, and making snow angels. You can make feral and crazy hats for kids or bright and bold. A kid's hat can be knit to fit the exact exuberance of their personalities.

swirl hat 3.jpg

In looking for a great hat pattern to share with Fabric.com blog readers, I came across this simple but interesting swirl hat pattern by Mandie Harrington. I loved it but I didn't love knitting it with fingering yarn. I also wanted to keep with our Green Theme and use an organic yarn. I converted the pattern to a worsted weight and choose Lion Brand Nature's Choice Organic Cotton in Wildflowers. Cotton might not be the best choice for a hat but this yarn is so soft, the slubby nature works really well with the texture of the hat pattern and the variegation of colors adds a wonderful effect to the pattern. The yarn coupled with the pattern makes for the most darling project. To make a 2yr size, I cast on according to the preemie (72 sts) and only knit 6 rows of ribbing but after that I followed the 12m- 2yr instructions. The larger size yarn makes for a less fitted hat. It is much more chucky but also fluffier and thicker. I believe that the while cotton may not be as warm as wool, the thicker yarn will make up for the difference. Plus since this hat is for my almost 2 yr old daughter, the softness of the yarn will greatly increase the chances of her keeping it on her head, which the wool would not. My gauge was 17 sts over 4 in. You can adjust this hat pattern to any of our organic yarn by multiplying your gauge over 1 in. by the circumference of the finished hat. That will be your cast on number- to keep in pattern round up your cast-on to the next highest number suggested in the pattern. Then follow the pattern instructions for the size hat you want to end up with. This is a great chic hat for just about anyone in your life.

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