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The 12 Crafts of Christmas - Day 9

November 12, 2010

coffee cozy wool.jpgOn the ninth Day of the 12 Crafts of Christmas, we have a great idea for the coffee lover on your Christmas list. It's also for the Eco-minded among us. Create a custom Coffee Cup Cozy from almost any fabric. I'll give you a quick description of the project, and then some variations.

You will need a cardboard sleeve from a coffee shop - the kind that saves your hands from getting burned. You will use this for your pattern. If you use a fabric like wool melton, felted wool or polyester felt, you will not need to add seam allowances because the fabric doesn't ravel. Otherwise, add 1/2'' all around for hemming and a seam.  If you choose to use a cute cotton print to match your

coffee sleeve fabric.jpgGiftee's personality, you will need a piece of felt or heavy interfacing cut without seam allowance. We also carry an interfacing called Insul-Brite that has insulating properties. You will center this ''insulator/stiffener'' in the center of your cotton fabric and fold the seam allowances over to hem. Sew the two sides together to make a circle. To finish the coffee cozy, if you have used fabric that ravels, serge or zigzag the seam allowance to prevent raveling.

 You can embellish your Coffee Cozy further with an embroidered initial or an applique. Just embellish before you sew your final seam so you can work with it flat. Needle felting is also a great embellishment if you are using wool melton, felted wool or polyester felt. The picture above is a needle felted coffee cozy my sister made.

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