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The 12 Crafts of Christmas - Day 12

November 16, 2010

On the 12th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me: a minky throw that's ultra cozy!

Who doesn't love a cozy throw to curl up with while watching holiday specials on television? This minky throw makes a luxurious gift, and really could not be much easier to make. All you need to make that special someone feel hugged even when you're not there is 3.5 yards of soft, snuggly minky and about 40 minutes to an hour of your time.

I used one of the darling holiday minky prints from Kaufman that we have in stock. So cute for the holidays!

-Once you have your minky in hand, make sure your ends are cut straight across the grain of the fabric.
-Once everything is squared up, simply fold your minky in half, matching up the cut ends.
-Stitch around the three non-fold sides of your minky, leaving 8-10" open for turning. If you really wish to speed up production (great if you have a lot of these to make), I suggest you skip pinning and use binder clips to keep things in place instead. Much faster, and less likely you'll lose one along the way.
-Clip excess fabric from corners to reduce bulk.
-Turn throw right side out. Make sure you get your corners turned so they come to a nice sharp point.
-Top stitch around entire blanket 1/4" from edge, including the folded edge. Close up the opening you used to turn the throw with this top stitch. You may want to once again employ binder clips to ensure that everything stays neat while you top stitch. I find the clips are extra helpful for keeping the folded edge in place, since it tends to want to wiggle around.

Clip your loose threads and call it day - you just marked one more gift off your list!


Worried about working with minky? Be sure to check out our helpful video for tips and tricks!

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I'm so intrigued by minky! I see it everywhere but have never tried sewing with it. It really does come in a tempting array of colors and patterns. Perhaps it's time to take the minky plunge? I'm inspired!

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