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The 12 Crafts Of Christmas - Day 8

November 11, 2010

On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me: a fabulous Recycled T-Shirt that you can make yourself!  What more could a girl as for?

I absolutely love this project,it is so easy to do, but it will look like you picked it from some swanky boutique!  This is the perfect Christmas project because it is perfect to make for your girlfriends, but I promise once you complete your shirt and see how amazing it looks, you are going to want to keep this baby for yourself! The best thing about this project is that it requires no sewing and doesn't take much time to complete.

The first thing you need is a T-Shirt.  You may have an old shirt laying around or you can go out and purchase one.  For my T-Shirt I went with more of a fitted one, but any kind of T-Shirt will work just fine.  For the shoulder fringe on the shirt you need strips of fabric, preferably a cotton knit fabric or a polyester/rayon knit fabric for the best results.  You may have scraps laying around, if not be sure to browse the knit section on our website for some fabric options.
Once you have selected your fabric for the shoulder fringe, you will need to cut the fabric into strips.  Cut different lengths of fabric to add more dimension and make sure to taper the ends of the fabric strips.  Make the fabric is folded in half and cut the strips at the crease.  You determine how many strips you want for your T-Shirt, but I think the more fabric strips you have, the better your T-Shirt will turn out!

Now that you have your fabric strips cut, turn your shirt inside out and cut tiny holes on each side of the should seams.  These are the holes that you weave your fabric strips through.  Once you weave fabric strips through all the holes, you can go back again and weave additional strips of fabric through the holes to give your shoulders more bulk.

Once you have completed adding your fabric strips to each shoulder, you can stop there or you can embellish your T-Shirt even more.  You can add apparel trim in with your fabric strips, for example the ZipR Trim would give a really cool effect mixed in with the fabric strips.  Or even try adding some brass & copper embellishments around the neckline for more of an edgier look.  The style possibilities are endless! 

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