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The 12 Crafts of Christmas - Day 7

November 9, 2010

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me: a Cuddle Bug that's super cozy!

Blankets with sleeves continue to be popular - and they're super easy to make. We call ours a Cuddle Bug! You can give everyone on your list the gift of cozy comfort, without giving up all your sewing time this season.

These directions are for an adult-sized Cuddle Bug. Scale down for kids or smaller adults.

Start with 3 yards of fleece, and cut according to the diagram below. (You'll have a little left over.)


-Cut two yards for the Cuddle Bug body.
-23" down from the top of the body, cut 2 circles 10 inches in diameter. To mark the center point of each circle for placement, divide the width of the body into thirds. Most fleece is 58-60" wide, so the center of each circle will be about 20" from each edge.
-Cut the remaining yard down to a piece that is 25" long along the grain.
-Cut the 25" piece in half lengthwise, so you have to sleeve pieces which are each 25" x approx. 30"
-Fold each sleeve in half lengthwise, and stitch closed along long edge.
-Sew the sleeves into the sleeve holes, orienting the seam towards the bottom and easing in as necessary.
(Since fleece is so easy to work with, I don't even bother with pins or clips on this step - just go for it!)
-If desired, finish the edges of the blanket body. You can hem them, serge them, cut them into fringe - you're the designer!

And that's it!

Cuddly fun for everyone. Couldn't you just curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and a remote right about now?


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What a comfortable cover! I do like the little cup of hot choclate, too. Thanks for your tutorial. Nehmah

Just want to "Thank You" so much for the free pattern! What a great gift for all my girls and nothing like a home made gift for Xmas! I even think I might try adding a hood to it. This would be nice to slip over my head when letting my dogs out in the cold!!!!!

I really love the models fleece print with the black princess or barbie. Is it possible to purchase that particular print?
I could make that for my granny princess or grandaughter. Please respond to my e-mail THANKS!

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