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The 12 Crafts of Christmas - Day 4

November 4, 2010

book1.jpgOn the fourth Day of the 12 Crafts of Christmas, we have decorated notebooks and journals. These little books make great gifts especially for the List Makers in your life. I love to use them for taking notes in the different meetings I go to regularly. I priced these types of jounals in my favorite specialty stores, and the sticker shock made my run for my paper and glue. Here's the result.

I happened to have a beautiful collection of scrapbooking papers and stickers from a past collection of Basic Grey. I don't scrapbook, but I love their designs, so I stashed it not knowing what I would do with it besides look at it. I bought simple composition books from my local WalMart. They had the cheapest price at under $1.00 per notebook in my area. I got out my glue and glitter, and here are some basic steps and some variations to inspire you to make a few of these special journal/notebooks for yourself or for gifts.

Choose your scrapbook weight paper for the outside of the notebook

Line up the edge of the paper with the edge of the black binding tape on the cover of the composition book. Make sure the side you want on the cover is facing up.

Fasten with large Gem Clips to hold in place while you trace around the outside of the cover on to the back of the paper.

Cut out the front of the notebook cover.

bookkit.jpgRepeat these steps for the back cover of the notebook.

Paint the rubber cement glue on to the front cover of the notebook, and carefully place the new cover you just trimmed to the front cover of the notebook. The rubber cement should allow you to scoot the paper into place, but work quickly.

Turn the notebook over to the back and repeat the process above to attach the back cover sheet.

Place a telephone book or other heavy weight on to the notebook for 15 minutes for the glue to start to set.

Choose a ''binding'' to cover the seam between the black binding on the notebook and the new paper cover you just glued on. It can be ribbon, paper, rickrack, or anything that is relatively flat and wide enough to cover the seam nicely. I used Hug Snug Seam binding.

Glue the binding over the seam and let the glue set about 15 minutes before you proceed.

At this time, you can consider extra embellishments like glitters, flat stickers and paper cutouts to decorate your notebook. Now is also the time to put any titles or words on your book. I used letter stickers and cartouches from my Basic Grey assortment to add titles.

When you have finished decorating, and given any glue at least 15 minutes to set after your embellishment session, it's time to cover your masterpiece with clear contact paper to protect everything. Lay the book flat on the back of the clear contact paper and draw around the book with a one inch ''seam allowance'' so you have plenty of overlap to the inside cover. Cut out the clear contact paper and pull off the backing. Lay it sticky side up and place one side of your book 1'' from the edges of the contact paper. Clip a square from the corners of the clear contact paper to remove some bulk from the corners. Roll the book over to the other side and repeat the steps above. You are about to fold the contact paper over the edges of the book and on to the inside covers. First clip the excess contact paper at the spine of the book to allow the contact paper to fold completely onto the inside cover. You'll see what I mean if you try to fold the contact paper to the inside without clipping at the spine.

You have a completed book! it's ready for gift giving, or keeping for yourself! 

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