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Book Blog Bonanza Follow-up

November 26, 2010

Hey, readers!

While all of the winners from September's Book Blog Bonanza were notified via email about their prizes, there are still a handful of you who never responded. If you are listed as a winner and have not yet done so, please email your address and phone number to blogatfabricdotcom so we can ship your prize. Emails must be sent from the same address you used when registering to post on the blog.


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Where does one find the list of winners? I don't remember seeing one on the blog. I'm new to this, so help!!!!!!!!!!

If you enter the word "bonanza" in the search box on the blog, it will pull up all of the giveaways. The winners are listed on each one. There's a graphic with "And the Winner Is!" on it, and a list of winners for that round. Hope that helps!

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