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Kwik Sew Decorative V Neck

October 27, 2010

Kwik Sew ruffle shirt.jpg

The Kwik Sew Decorative V neck Top is a great pattern. Not only does it live up to its name, Kwik Sew, but it was easy. This pattern came together in about 3-4 hours including resting the fabric, measuring, cutting and sewing. I was most pleased at how quick it really was. On my initial read through of the instructions I was pretty confident it would be a fast project but you never know once you get into a pattern and this was my first Kwik Sew Pattern experience. I think the real time save was the seam down the middle of the front of the shirt. This short cut doesn't detract from the style or hang of the shirt but it does make it super easy to attach the ruffle. The ruffle pattern piece also helped to quicken the pattern. It is in a spiral shape so the ruffle is created in the cutting not in gathers. I was so excited when I saw this. I also appreciated the construction method of this top, similar to that laid out in Sew U: the Home Stretch.

The Mods: I used a very light weight rayon jersey. It is not quite a tissue tee material but it is slippery with a lot of drape (very like slinky) and SOFT. The drape posed some problems with construction and especially with pictures. I suspect the knit used in the envelope pictures had more weight and less drape. I like the look of both. I have to say that the shirt feels like a dream, looks amazing and fits better than I had imagined. I didn't modify the pattern too much but I didn't want to make what was already displayed on the envelope. I added bracelet length sleeves. I wanted the ruffle shirt but with cold weather incoming the need for a sleeveless shirt is a long way off. It was really easy and I was please that the sleeves from View A fit View B's pattern pieces. The only change I made was to take 6 in. off the bottom of the sleeve. This does make me wonder why there are 2 different pattern pieces for view A and B.  The neckline is low but not self-consciously low. It is flattering and comfortable. It will also look great with a lace edge camisole underneath. This ruffle shirt also looks great under an open jacket. The ruffle can soften a military style jacket.

Kwik Sew ruffle shirtclose.jpg


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I really appreciate when someone takes the time to do a review of a product so others can be better informed when deciding on a purchase. The reviewer for this pattern did a good job except for one thing. I don't see the pattern number listed anywhere in the review. If I am mistaken, please point it out to me, as I am interested in purchasing this one myself.


That really is pretty! Also, could be worn with so many things. I recently bought some of the Bamboo Rayon/Cotton jersey from Fabric.com and I truly love it! Here in New Orleans, it's really important to use fabrics that breathe and this stuff is super comfortable. It's also really easy to work with! I might just try some in this pattern. Is the number available?

Click on the top link to see the pattern and it's number....

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