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Book Blog Bonanza 10/08/10

October 8, 2010

Hello, readers! Who doesn't love to win prizes? We sure hope you do, because every weekday from now through October 15, 2010, we'll be giving away great books to build up your sewing library!

Today, we're giving away signed copies of Joel Dewberry's Sewn Spaces to FIVE lucky winners.






Commenter name: Angie

One home decor tip I have has to do with holidays.  I have seasonal
quilts that I switch out with each holiday so it gives a festive look
to our room but also keeps the style of the room the same.


Commenter name: Danielle

One word. Piping. Once I learned how to make bias-strip piping I added
it to everything I make for the house. It gives a finished look to
every edge.


Commenter name: Mountainquilter

I change my pictures, quilts, wallhangings, pillows with the seasons.
Makes the whole house look different!


Commenter name: Elaine

I'm not sure it's a best home sewing tip, but it was cheap!  When we
rented our first home with no draperies, our landlady loaned me a bunch
of wooden rings.  I bought yards of burlap (and it was pretty raw and
horrible.....but about $.50 a yard), and I made curtains.  Think we
used dowel rods to hang the curtains.  They actually looked pretty
sharp, but I had to give the rings back when we moved.


Commenter name: Beth R

I took a look thru the table of contents for this book - it looks like
some great info in there, would be lots of fun.


Leave a comment on this post and share your sewing insights! Talk about this book, tell one of your favorite stitching tales, or answer this question: What's your best home dec sewing tip?

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Hmmm, I don't have any favorite stitching tales yet, as I just learned how to sew. I hope to have some soon though!

Best home dec sewing tip?

Roman blinds are one of the easiest ways to add pop to any room!

My best tip is do something that you know. I like to make small wallhanging quilts using with embroidered blocks on my sewing machine. Both embroidery and quilting are things I'm comfortable with. Although, sometimes it's nice to do something outside your comfort zone too, maybe I'm due for something different again.

best home dec sewing tip? Be meticulous. And think hard when choosing fabrics. You want something that you will continue to love - you don't want to be married to the latest hottest thing only to discover that it doesn't age well.

Home dec tip- Throw pillows are a great way to add some fun to a room. New covers are a cheap, easy project and you can change them up as often as you want!

Okay, so this may seem obvious, but my home decor sewing tip is this: don't buy from chain home dec stores. Get a good used couch or whatever furniture and cover it with your favorite fabrics that reflect you! What better way to express yourself through your home/room/dorm? Plus, home decor sewing is so much fun!!

I just started sewing again but I guess my best tip is to just do it and don't be afraid to rip out a seam to do it over. You want good corners and curves when you are making things that will be visible in your home but you can really make something nice and to your tastes when you do it yourself.

Pretty new fabric is the easiest way to spruce up a room and give it a new life, some new pillows, curtains, organizing totes and maybe some frames with fabric peices in neat patterns on the wall, it can make any place look nicer!

I so want this book! I haven't done much home decor sewing but from the few projects I have done my tip would be to take time when choosing your fabrics. I made some throw pillows that have really spruced up my drab living room and went through several fabric choices before I settled on the right ones.

i would soooo love this book so i can learn to redecorate some furniture, give my place a new look!! :-)

My best sewing tip...I guess it would be to take your time and do it right. Don't skip steps (such as ironing and serging/zigzagging the egdes) of your sewing that will make it come together so much easier and look so much better.

Home dec tip? I like quilts or throws that you can change out with the seasons...or as the mood strikes you. :)

I so enjoy Joel Dewberry!!
Hmmm best home decor tip... Don't be afraid! Just go for it! If you never try new skills you'll never progress as a seamstress amateur or otherwise ;)

I like to make pillow slipcovers (instead of pillows themselves) when decorating - this gives you the ability to easily change the look of a room without having to restuff (plus the ones your not using are easier to store)!

One home decor tip I have has to do with holidays. I have seasonal quilts that I switch out with each holiday so it gives a festive look to our room but also keeps the style of the room the same.

When it comes to home decorating, don't feel like you have to follow the "rules"! People always wonder how i get such an eccecticmix of new & vintage to go together. I tell them "everything goes" with me. I love to rearrange, bringing items from my living room & switching them with items from my bedroom. Just have fun & express yourself through your living space, you'll be happy you did!

I am hoping my coments are being entered. I have to comment anonymously when I try to sign in it won't work.

When it comes to home decorating I need all the help I can get, I am not very good at making decisions. What I really need is a personal designer lol, but maybe this book will help me out.

I would love to have this book, I want to redecorate my family room.

One word. Piping. Once I learned how to make bias-strip piping I added it to everything I make for the house. It gives a finished look to every edge.

My advice when doing a major home dec project or makeover: get a folder and store sketches, measurements of windows, walls, etc., articles and pictures from magazines, fabric swatches, paint chips. Make a checklist and mark off each item as done. My favorite gadget for home dec? The piping foot for my sewing machine. Cushions, bolsters, pillows, lots of items have piping.

For my kids rooms, I let them pick out two fabrics to make coordinating throw pillows with. Then, I embroidered their names on the pillows for that custom ordered look.

My favorite home decorating tip for sewers is to make lots of different throw pillows and switch them up every month or so to give your room a completely different look. Pillows are super easy to sew and can also be a good way to use up scraps from that scrap pile we all have.

I change my pictures, quilts, wallhangings, pillows with the seasons. Makes the whole house look different!

My biggest home decor tip would be to make sure it's livable! I have two kids and a dog, so I have to be really mindful of the fabrics I use and the placement of all of it so that both my family and myself are comfortable with our living space.

My best home dec hint is to measure and measure again. Nothing is more frustrating than to cut fabric and have it be too short, etc. I also write down my measurements and keep them handy as I work. Would love to win the book!

My home dec tip is to recruit a friend if you're creative juices aren't flowing. More often than not, I doubt myself but just having that little extra nudge can take the fear of failure right out of the way.

One home dec tip that I was taught by a super organized decorator was to keep a small notebook of all the details of your current decor. Paint samples, carpet samples, wallpaper, etc. along with the price and origins of each can be invaluable down the road. It is easy to carry along and a great gift to the new owner of your home when you sell.

I can't wait to get this book. I have a medical problem that keeps me home and I love to sew. It is such a stress reliever. I am just now starteing to try my hand at home decor, childrens clothing, smocking and handwork mostly.

My tip will be quilt related. I had problems with my flying geese until I read to carefully press the seams open....it worked and now I press almost all my seams open and my points and seams match better.


Fabric choice is so important with home dec. Finding the right fabric can take time. Thinking through the whole project before making that first cut saves in the end. I wish someone had a pattern for a slip cover for one of the chairs I have. I don't like making the pattern!

Don't have an insightful tip for today, but I do LOVE to sew. I'll make anything out of fabric. Would love to have the book!

I have so much to learn about sewing for home decor. I would love to make slip covers for my couch to change out with the seasons (or as my mood changes).

I saw this book at Borders a few weeks ago and it is def. on my must buy list! It looks like it is full of great decorating ideas and I would love to win one. Thank you!

The best tip I have for home sewing is to not be afraid to use color. Using a little color is a great way to make a room more interesting and fun.

my tip is not to be afraid using colourfull fabrics - paint with fabrics!

I haven't done much sewing with regards to home dec. due to devoting time to homeschooling and then having health problems. However, now I'm wanting to get my sewing area organized, and simply, tastefully fixed up. Plus, I'm wanting to expand on my skills, so I would definitely enjoy gaining new ideas from this book!

I've enjoyed reading everyone's tips.

I love all the tips. I haven't made any home dec stuff yet, so they're helpful.

A few days ago I upcycled four old dated throw pillows by taking out all the filling and making it into one big throw pillow which is about 25 x 25. I think big pillows make a stronger statement as they showcase the designer fabric better.

I've never done any home dec sewing! I tried some drapes last year and it was a disaster........I'd love to have renewed strength with this book!
shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

Like a lot of the others, I'd say sew outside the box. I was making curtains for our boat & didn't want 'marine' theme fabric as we lived aboard. I wanted regular looking curtains. I picked out the fabric that would show inside & went to buy plain fabric for the lining. DH liked a nautical fabric & really wanted it for the curtains. Since I didn't want that inside I used his fabric for the lining - shows nautical outside but inside I got my regular looking curtains.

This is my first time blogging here. I really really want to win this book. My sewing tip is when I want to "vinylize" fabric for making a small makeup bag I will use pocket page protectors that I have around. Just cut them the size of the pattern and sew the edges.

My best home dec sewing tip is to take your time and plan it out. I always miss calulate fabric yardage on the long side but I'd rather spend a bit more then hunt all over town for a match. You always need to measure and sketch out your idea because your neaver working from a pattern.

Quality is always worth the extra money, so don't settle. Take your time and let your home be a work in progress. Fill it with what you love and you will have a wonderful sanctuary to come home to.

Coordinate your dog's bed with your pillows or drapes. It's so easy to make a pillowcase-type covering and use Velcro to secure the closing.

My best home dec sewing tip is to iron, iron, iron as you go!! It gives a professional look to your finished item to have all seams ironed well throughout the construction.

My home dec sewing advice is this: Don't think you are limited to only using home dec fabric. There are a lot of fashion sewing fabrics that can be used for interesting window treatments and pillow covers.

This book has some great projects I'd like to try- love the bird sachet and flower applique pillows! Thanks for having a giveaway!

Plan carefully, measure and remeasure before u cut out also press press press it makes a whole world of difference.

I've done so little home dec sewing! I have, however, drooled over many of the designs for home dec at Sew4Home.com, and I did follow their instructions on a pillow, which came out really good. I think my best home dec tip would be to measure well - I made a pillowcase for my son once without measuring the pillow first, assuming it was a standard sized pillow...and boy, it sure wasn't!

I haven't sewn much for my home... so I don't have any good tips. I need to learn some and do some sewing for my house... I think I NEED this book.

I haven't sewn much for my home but I love the idea of ric rac on tablecloths, napkins, etc. It gives a lovely vintage look!

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