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Book Blog Bonanza 10/14/10

October 14, 2010

Hello, readers! Who doesn't love to win prizes? We sure hope you do, because every weekday from now through October 15, 2010, we'll be giving away great books to build up your sewing library!

Today, FIVE lucky winners will receive a two-book prize pack consisting of Amy Butler's Style Stitches AND Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones.




Commenter: Firefilly

Creating is in my soul and if I didn't share it I think I'd burst! I have to admit I'm a bit obsessed; whether it be sewing, kitting, crocheting...I love them all! And spreading that love is a very good thing; it makes the world a better and more beautiful place :)

Commenter: lizzie o

I love teaching ppl how to do crafty things!  i've taught a few ppl to crochet!!  i'm still new to sewing... but i like to share little tips I figure out along the way if i see someone else struggling!

Commenter: nerdia

Sewing Insight - Have more than one stitch remover, because they mysteriously disappear on you when you need them the most! Love Amy Butler!

Commenter: camellie

I'm making the blossom purse from Amy Butler's book now. It's been the most tedious purse pattern to get together. But with it half way done, I think it will be the purse that I'm most proud of! It is absolutely beautiful. I really want to buy this book! But hopefully I will win it!

Commenter: Victoria

My favorite tip is to use the elastic from old pantyhose for the casing in children's clothes. I've been doing this for years. I work at an assisted living facility and mend my residents' clothes. I work third shift and am allowed to take my sewing machine and I get to be VERY creative in figuring out how to mend their clothes with what I have in my sewing bag. I don't charge them anything... it is an easy way to stay awake from 11PM to 7AM. They don't know who provides this service and I'm not sure they need to know. I enjoy it thoroughly!!


Leave a comment on this post and share your sewing insights! Talk about this book, tell one of your favorite stitching tales, or answer this question:

Blog topic: Do you share your creative knowledge with others? Have you ever taught someone how to sew, knit, etc?

The deadline for entries is today, October 14, 2010 at MIDNIGHT ET.

Winner will be picked at random and announced sometime Friday, October 15, 2010.

PLEASE NOTE: To be qualified, you must create a user name if you haven't already. Anonymous posts cannot be considered for entry.  One entry per person, please.  Duplicate entries or multiple entries from the same user may be deleted.  Thanks! 

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I need to teach a few of my friends how to sew. Then I wouldn't have to do all of their sewing for them.

I have a small sewing business, so I am able to be creative, as well as work for creative people who don't sew :)!!

I teach 5th grade girls on Wednesday night. We just made an apron and then did some cooking. Next we are going to lean some embroidery stitches and then crochet.
After we made the apron on girl wanted a sewing machine for her birthday. When I have an open weekend we are going to have some sewing lessons.

These books look awesome! My mother taught me to sew and I was brought up in a 4-H family. I had boys, but they were both taught how to use a sewing machine! I became a 4-H advisor and taught my nieces how to sew...and now I'm working with both of my DIL's teaching them!

I have taught several people how to knit and my best friend taught me to sew. I love passing down creative arts to others and creating new addicts.

Sewing has taught me patience, believe it or not. I want to learn all I can so I persevere through the difficult stuff, and have learned when to walk away from a project. Good life lessons for me to learn.

oh man, I would love this! please win, please win!

I recently taught a friend who was expecting a new baby to sew, and I have been sewing lots for other expecting friends. It's so rewarding to look at the finished product and saw "Yeah, I made that".

Hi, very cool books! I would love to win...I taught my mother-in-law to quilt..actualy got her interested and she took a few classes and is now addicted like me! Lisa in Texas

I am currently teaching my 11 year old daughter to sew! She and I both are enjoying every minute!! I love AB books!

I let my 5-year old son sit with me while I sew, so I've taught him a thing or two. I've also tried to teach him a few crocet basics, but he just ends up twisting the yarn into knots (knots that he is often quite proud of though!).

I have not yet taught anyone to knit or sew, but I would if those who have expressed interest didn't live so far away! I taught myself how to sew and knit using the Internet and books, but I was taught how to crochet as a child by my Grandmother.

I've taught my daughters how to knit and do basic sewing. My daughter got a Janome Hello Kitty machine for Christmas last year and she loves it. I'm hoping these basic crafting skills will be with them their whole life. I'm so grateful to Mom for taking the time to teach me how to sew and knit!

The children's director at church wanted to learn to sew. I gave her my old sewing machine (I had just bought a new Babylock) and went over to her house to teach her the basics. I have another friend that wants to learn to sew. I just need to clean and put away my sewing room first. We just moved so we are still in boxes.

Don't remind me! A few friends asked for knitting lessons two months ago and I still haven't scheduled anything with them. I'm so bad!

Yes, I encouraged lots of friends to sew. My granddaughters are doing well, too

What a great contest! I am too much of a newbie to share sewing tips, but as a photographer, I've shared a variety of tips to help people get better shots! :)

I tried giving my mother-in-law a lesson in scrapbooking once, and now I can't wait to teach my daughter how to crochet and sew and quilt, though I've already begun to give her little mini lessons. It's so much fun when we can do things together like that!

I love to teach people how to sew or knit especially when a little spark of interest on their part turns into a lifetime hobby!

What a great book combo! I'd love to read more tricks and techniques from Amy Butler and the kids patterns look dreamy! Thank you for the chance to win!!!

I have offered to teach my sister to sew a million times, but she never takes me up on it. The only thing I have ever been able to show her is how to stamp and use the end of a paintbrush to make perfect polka dots.

must have must have must have! :o) amy is my fave fave fave (her fabric and designs are beauteous and her very explicit instructions meld so well with my own verbose style and constant predisposition to second-guessing everything i do)! i can hear the books screaming my name!

Creating is in my soul and if I didn't share it I think I'd burst! I have to admit I'm a bit obsessed; whether it be sewing, kitting, crocheting...I love them all! And spreading that love is a very good thing; it makes the world a better and more beautiful place :)

I'd love to get my hands on these books. I love Amy Butlers stuff. I have taught a couple friends to sew, but I think they rather me create the items for them. Ive also taught my kids to knit as well as my stepmom.

I have daughters 8-19 who love to sew and we are always on the lookout for GREAT projects. Christmas is coming and we would love to bless our friends and family with gifts from our hearts and hands.

I have never taught anyone to sew or crochet. The only thing I have taught is rubberstamping and I don't have any desire to that now. All I want to do is sew and crochet stuff.

I attempted to teach our daughter to sew when she was a teenager but she showed no interest at all. She said< "Why should I learn to sew when I have you to do it for me?". Now she is married and has two babies and she is correct. When she needs something made or repaired she brings it to me to do!

I'm fairly young to know how to sew, knit and crochet and some quilting. People my age just don't "get into it". I have taught many people how to knit, sew and crochet. I love making baby stuff, head band slip covers, purses and anything trendy . I love a challenge and making new things and being creative! I'm always coming up with cute ideas! I don't have this book, but it's on my amazon x mas list! ; ) I think it's important that the younger generation learn to express themselves and their creativeness through sewing etc. Same as canning food. These are lost arts now days! The best feeling in the world is to look at all you have accomplished! : ) I'm so proud of the things I make and to see the big smile of people's faces when they get them as gifts. Nothing says I love you better than a handmade gift! Lots of time and love put into it. : ) Something they will cherish forever! My grandma started me stitching when I was a little girl. Been hooked ever since!

I am teaching myself how to sew! I need all the help and inspiration I can get. I just made my daughter a tote bag - it was my first "big" project (I know, it was actually probably extremely simple to most seamstress').
I got the bug and am ready to create!

At the moment I am teaching my 10 yr old daughter how to crochet. I have my sewing machine sitting in a corner collecting dust..... I think these books will help motivate me to start sewing again!

Years ago I taught 4-H sewing and a sewing class for adults. Now I have a small sewing business and 4 little grandsons for which this book would come in handy! I love Amy Butler patterns and fabrics!

Oh, I LOVE Amy Butler's work! She helped renew my love of sewing when I discovered her a few years ago! :) Good luck everyone!

I've taught a sewing class at our church. I'm really looking forward to teaching my two little granddaughters how to sew as soon as they are old enough!

I've taught lots of people to sew and crochet. My most difficult students have been my blind friends. I would love to win these Amy Butler books!

I absolutely share my creative knowledge with others! I love sewing/crocheting/etc and I love being able to show that to people and get them interested in it to, gotta spread the love! I have taught a few people how to crochet and even more how to sew (including my younger brother), I can't wait until my children are old enough so that I can teach them as well!

I love to sew and have been dying to look through Amy's new Style Stitches book...I have the baby book and LOVE it. If I won, I'd pass the baby one on to a friend and sew up lots of fun bags from the other!!

I have been making children's clothes for over 25 years. Recently, I had to make an elaborate gown for our granddaughter. She is only six but showed tremendous interest in learning to sew so she "could be like me ("My-Née"). I was elated! So she is getting a sewing machine for Christmas and we are going to sew together.

Working on really involving my two girls (4 & 5) in sewing. The 5 yr old has really been into the creative mode but haven't tried her with a needle yet - LOL. She definitely has ideas about what to create!

I learned very little from the Home Economics teacher we had in junior high in the 1950s. I taught myself how-to but, I learned my best sewing methods from other, more adept seamstresses. I try to share with others by using the internet to post on websites that deal with "all-sorts" of sewing. It is free and should be out there for those who wish to improve their methods. Nehmah

I always talk to my kids about what I am making and how to make it. My 4 year old daughter just saw a children's sewing machine at the store and wanted it to make her own stuff.

I would love to teach my 10 year old daughter to sew, but she just isn't interested lol. I have taught her a little crochet. She can chain stitch and single crochet. She does like other types of crafting though and I love to bond over crafts with her :)

I've just started sewing, so I am not the one who gives advice, but I am the one who asks others for it. :o) It sure does help a project to have others inputs and ideas to think about.

My mother taught me to sew, knit, crochet when I was very young. I learnt how to quilt on my own. I am not happy unless I have a project or two to work on. My daughter (she is 12) has taken a real interest in following in my footsteps. Last spring she attended a quilting for kids class at our local quilt shop and completed her first quilt. She was so proud of her accomplishment. Since they she has continued on. When she has friends over and shows them what she can do they get very excited. As a result I am now going to be having one of her friends over once a week to teach her to sew/quilt. I wish I had more space and machines because so many of her school friends are asking for lessons too.

Inspired by an amazing teacher, Sue Chang, who recently lost her battle with Pancreatic Cancer. She taught us that every error can be fixed. Lucky to have her both as a teacher and a friend.
Working with my friend to inspire him to finish the projects he started in her class.

I will be teaching my granddaughter!!She is 7 years old and wants to watch everything I do so she will know how.

I learned to sew from my grandmother, and someday I hope my son may be interested in learning some manly crafts from me at least!

I bought my lovely daughter-in-law an inexpensive Bernina sewing machine for Christmas one year. I thought that I would teach her to sew, but she knew the basics.
I have Amy Butler fabrics just waiting for those books.
I have made two King-sized quilts in Amy's Belle collection. I made them in different colorways in the Log Cabin pattern in the barn-raising layout. I do have to say that the one that I made for our son's wedding was really spectacular. It was very easy. The lady who did the long arm quilting just put it "over the top."

I taught my husband how to use the sewing machine, he already knew basic sewing.

I try to encourage my friends to sew and/or do crafty projects. They tend to think it is too time consuming and not worth it! I beg to differ! It is time consuming, but is SO worth it! I am a mommy to 2 year old triplets and am pregnant with one on the way. I know what it means to value every spare minute I get. And alot of my spare minutes go into sewing....I LOVE IT!!! It has become my passion.

I've taught my friends to sew and it is so fun. We now have even more to talk about than the regular day to day conversations, we let each other borrow our tools, books, and patterns. We are trying to start sewing craft days. It is so funny when we get together and see something we all like, we usually end up with the same fabric and lots of different projects. One of the most common things heard from all of us when we go shopping is "we could totally make that". :) Amy Butler is one of our favorites! Everyone loves her fabric designs and her fun projects that she comes up with!!

I love teaching ppl how to do crafty things! i've taught a few ppl to crochet!! i'm still new to sewing... but i like to share little tips i figure out along the way if i see someone else struggling!

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